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Mailing List Updates – New Options and New Release Alerts

S. J. Pajonas February 8, 2019
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Some updates about a new option I've added to the mailing list alert system. read more

GDPR Compliance & What This Means For You

S. J. Pajonas April 17, 2018
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IMPORTANT POST ALERT! What I'm doing to comply with GDPR regulations in the EU and what that means for you as a subscriber. read more

Hopefully I’ve Fixed The Email Updates Plugin… Hopefully

S. J. Pajonas March 20, 2018
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If you've been trying to sign-up for my email announcements, you should read this post. If you already get emails from me, you can ignore this post and go back to reading your favorite book! read more

Say Anything Saturday – I Still Have Fun Being A Web Developer

S. J. Pajonas May 21, 2016
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I've been in web development for 18 years and I'm still enjoying it! It's nice to have these skills to help with my author business. read more

Authors, What If Amazon Went Out of Business Tomorrow?

S. J. Pajonas October 28, 2014
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This is obviously a hypothetical question even though Amazon has posted losses the past few months in a row. Today’s “What If?” question is brought to you by p... read more