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Visiting A Japanese Temple

S. J. Pajonas August 25, 2014
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Learn more about the etiquette and customs of visiting a Japanese temple! read more

A History Of Gambling In Japan

S. J. Pajonas August 22, 2014
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Learn more about the history of gambling in Japan! read more

Sunday Update – August 17, 2014

S. J. Pajonas August 17, 2014
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Proving that I am totally lost this past week, I just titled this post in “July” and “2013”. Sigh. It was a very long week! I did a lot to get REUNITED u... read more

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For The Nogiku Series?

S. J. Pajonas August 7, 2014
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Where did the idea come from? Here's my story! read more

Constructing Your Own Kaiseki Meal

S. J. Pajonas July 25, 2014
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Let's have kaiseki together! What is this traditional Japanese meal? I teach you what everything is and how to make one. Let's go! #Japan #Japanese read more

Writing About Japan For The Nogiku Series

S. J. Pajonas July 11, 2014
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What does it take to write outside of your culture? I answer that question and many more on this post about writing about Japan for the Nogiku Series. read more

Japanese Izakaya Food

S. J. Pajonas July 3, 2014
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Izakayas are a mainstay of Japanese food culture and community. Learn more about these quaint eating establishments in this post on Japanese izakayas! read more

Starry Nights On Yusei – Excerpts from REMOVED, RELEASED, And REUNITED

S. J. Pajonas June 21, 2014
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Exclusive excerpts from REMOVED, RELEASED, and REUNITED that all mention the stars... read more