Secret Keeping Sakura (Kami No Sekai, #5) - S. J. Pajonas

Secret Keeping Sakura (Kami No Sekai, #5)



Shhh… Listen To The Gods.

The Japanese believe the gods live in all things. Trees, appliances, animals, buildings — they all have a spirit living within them. Maybe, if you listen carefully, you can hear them too.


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Keeping secrets is this cherry tree’s job. But when Mieko’s mother dies of a stroke, Mieko must face harsh truths.

How will the tree divulge her mom’s past without breaking its vows?

Genre: Magical Realism / Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
Series/Book Number: Kami No Sekai / Story 5
Rating: Rated PG-13 for language
Publishing Date: October 12, 2016

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“Secret keeping Sakura was an enjoyable read. It’s not as plain fun as the other ones, but it was a great story… The ending is pretty open, but it works and leaves the reader to imagine what happens to Mieko next. I really enjoyed this one. This series is great when you’re in the mood for a quick and enjoyable read!” – Lola’s Reviews

“Wonderful story. Thoughtful reading material. Enjoyed every word.” – Dolly, Amazon Customer

“Secret Keeping Sakura does not disappoint and is an excellent conclusion to Pajonas’ Kami No Sekai short stories series. Both Sakura and Mieko bring so much to the book and the story is heartwarming. A definite must-read.” – BookL0v3r, Amazon Customer

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