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Myra’s Big Mistake (The Kimura Sisters, #2)

A hopeless romantic and a billionaire tycoon: will they win big in love or lose it all?

Fall in love with a mismatched couple who will stop at nothing to find happiness in the cosmos.

About Myra's Big Mistake...

She’s burdened by a lifetime of disappointment. He’s been her secret admirer for years. Will a roll of the dice lead to a cosmic courtship?
Myra Kimura thinks she’s hit a dead end. Failing the entrance exams for the Interstellar Agency and feeling unattractive, the perpetually single twenty-something believes no one will ever want her. And the only two good things she has are her bestie and a genetically engineered skunk companion… until a handsome millionaire asks for her help.
Casino tycoon Nosuké Maeda has almost everything. Patiently waiting to make a move on the one who’s always had his eye, he’s not happy when her mayor father threatens to shut down his plans for a new gambling house. But he’s quick to offer the beautiful, unassuming woman a deal: If she works with him to win over her dad, he’ll use his money for her heart’s desire.
As Myra tries to keep her distance from the businessman who once dated her friend, her resolve crumbles under his charming attentions. And though Nosuké chips away at her walls, getting his way could be speeding them closer to an unhappily ever after ending.
Will this mismatched couple beat the odds to find love in the stars?
Myra's Big Mistake is the engaging second book in The Kimura Sisters science fiction romance series. If you like three-dimensional characters, adorably unusual pets, and a planetful of fun, then you’ll adore S. J. Pajonas’s outer-space romp.
Genre: Science Fiction Romance / Science Fiction Action Adventure / Space Opera
Series: The Kimura Sisters
Publishing Date:
February 6, 2023

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Suddenly, this meal is more than I expected. It’s not Nosuké asking me endless questions about my dad. He’s interested in me. He’s interested in me?

Does not compute.

“Wait,” I say, rewinding through my memories. “I was dating Daren then.”

This stops Nosuké. “Yes, you were. In private, right?”

“Yes.” I stare down at my meal to cover the embarrassment of being someone’s secret love affair. Well, it wasn’t anything torrid or anything. No. It was the opposite.

Daren and I dated in secret because he was ashamed of me. I knew it, and I didn’t care. This was when I was much more overweight and unhappy, and Daren didn’t want to admit to dating someone like me, especially since I was a Kimura sister. He believed my father was ruthless to anyone who dated his daughters. That my father had connections that could ruin him. It was a familiar whispering among the boys at school. We were all way off-limits.

“And you knew?”

“Daren and I were friends for a while back then. We’re not anymore.”

I think I understand the implications here, but…


“Because no one should ever hide you away, Myra.”

The hair on my arms rises up.

Wait. Nosuké didn’t ask me here to discuss my father. He has an ulterior motive, and I’m scared to admit that it may be me. The flowers and the wagashi — I thought they were just items to butter me up. No. Those gifts now have romantic undertones I didn’t see the first time. He was flirting with me the other night with the comments about how nice I would look in a ball gown and that my baking was bound to be delicious.

I don’t believe it. Why me?

Because no one has ever pursued me before. Ever.

I glance across the table at him, his crisp shirt, cleanly shaven face, and perfect hair. Ruby will kill me if this is real. Is it real? Or am I reading everything wrong?

His eyes are soft on me, and the set of his shoulders is confident. I don’t think I’m reading anything wrong here. I can’t even believe I’m thinking this, but Nosuké Maeda likes me. Mochi was right.

“Myra?” he prompts, breaking into my thoughts. I shake my head and come back to the present. “Tell me all about your family. I have a feeling we’ll all be very close soon enough.”

This dinner is not what I thought it was…

It’s something even better.

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