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Top 5 Tips For Flow-State Writing

S. J. Pajonas December 20, 2016
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Some tips on how to achieve that zen flow state all writers strive for! read more

Compiling Your Manuscript From Scrivener To Createspace Paperback

S. J. Pajonas April 25, 2016
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Want to compile your book to paperback from Scrivener? I have the full tutorial here. read more

Suspending My Disbelief

S. J. Pajonas April 30, 2015
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How will I believe in your world if you can't get the little details right? #amwriting #amreading #amediting read more

2 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

S. J. Pajonas March 31, 2015
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These two easy things can improve your blog. read more

2 Things Every Author Should Do On Facebook

S. J. Pajonas March 3, 2015
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These two things will help you gain new fans. Don't miss them! read more


S. J. Pajonas January 6, 2015
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Dealing with the new VAT laws as an author-entrepreneur. Basically, it's a big ol' mess. read more

Social Media Links Round-up – November 21, 2014

S. J. Pajonas November 21, 2014
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New feature on the blog! I’m now sharing social media news and tips that I find every week on my Facebook Page (if you haven’t liked me there yet, go over to http://... read more

Research And Why It’s Important

S. J. Pajonas June 1, 2012
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I ask the really hard questions about writing outside of your culture and figure out how research is important. read more