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Instagram Experimentation

S. J. Pajonas May 29, 2019
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I'm making changes to social media and concentrating more on Instagram. From photos to stories, I have lots of new things to learn and play with! read more

Come Join My Reader Group On Facebook!

S. J. Pajonas November 29, 2018
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I started a reader group on Facebook, so come on by and join up! read more

Why I’m No Longer Using A Mailing List

S. J. Pajonas November 20, 2017
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I'm making the transition to using my blog with a notification system to reach my readers and here's why. read more

My Eternal Struggle With Facebook Ads

S. J. Pajonas June 30, 2016
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Here's what I've been doing with Facebook Ads and what I'm thinking about trying instead. read more

Top 10 Apps For The World Traveler

S. J. Pajonas June 16, 2016
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Thinking about traveling the world? Lee does in FACE TIME, and I'm sure these are the apps he'd have on his phone before he boards his plane. read more

2 Things Every Author Should Do On Facebook

S. J. Pajonas March 3, 2015
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These two things will help you gain new fans. Don't miss them! read more

Who Is My Wattpad Audience?

S. J. Pajonas February 10, 2015
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Do you publish to or read books on Wattpad? Check out my stats for REMOVED and learn something new about audiences of my work! read more

REUNITED Inspiration On Pinterest

S. J. Pajonas August 13, 2014
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Get inspired for REUNITED on Pinterest! read more