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Books To Movies/TV: What Have You Loved or Hated?

S. J. Pajonas October 18, 2019
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What’s been your favorite movie/TV show based on a book? Or is there one you hated? I share four of my picks! read more

Let’s Discuss! Animals in Books – What are Some of Your Favorite Animals from Books You’ve Read?

S. J. Pajonas February 7, 2019
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I love animals! And I love including them in my books and reading about them too. What are some of your favorite animals from books you’ve read? read more

Do You Nap? – Let’s Discuss

S. J. Pajonas October 26, 2018
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This has come up in my current writing! I have trouble napping but I know so many people that just close their eyes and off they go. So, do you nap? Come and discuss! read more

Let’s Discuss – Favorite Tropes in Science Fiction

S. J. Pajonas October 12, 2018
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In this discussion post, I share my favorite science fiction tropes and the books/TV/Movies I've seen them in. What are your favorite sci-fi tropes? read more

Let’s Discuss – Predictability In Fiction And Film

S. J. Pajonas February 23, 2018
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Don't you just love it when a plot twist throws you? Let's discuss predictability in fiction and film! read more

On The Merits Of Author Dreams

S. J. Pajonas February 3, 2017
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An essay in which I talk about dreams, success, and keeping going. read more

How To Read For Cheap Or Free Without Pirating!

S. J. Pajonas July 28, 2016
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I have a comprehensive list of ways to read for free or cheap. You'll want to check it out! read more

Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Person?

S. J. Pajonas June 23, 2016
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Are you most productive in the morning or the night? Do you spend time at the edges of the day? Let's discuss! read more