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The Flyght Series

The Flyght series is a gender-flipped Firefly, Uber in space, reverse harem space opera and action-adventure series perfect for fans of Killjoys, Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Empire Series, and Breaking Bad.

The Hikoboshi Series

The Hikoboshi series is a space opera and action-adventure sci-fi romance series that explores the worlds settled by the Japanese who fled Earth a century ago. Yumi Minamoto and Rin Hara can't wait to take you on her adventures!

The Nogiku Series

The Nogiku Series is a quartet of books set in a post-apocalyptic future city populated almost exclusively by Japanese citizens, harnessing the cultures and old traditions of Japan in a modern setting. Its themes appeal to people who know nothing about Japan and those that love it unconditionally.

Kami No Sekai Short Story Series

The Kami No Sekai short story series takes everyday objects and infuses them with the gods. You never know who you'll be speaking to next, so, shhhhh… Listen to the gods.

Happily Ever Asia

All of these standalone contemporary romances highlight dating in the modern world and focus on Japanese or other Asian cultures. They are fun, sweet, and heart-warming, and full of unexpected twists and engaging characters.

Face Time

Can the picture on your screen ever be as good as the real thing? FACE TIME is a funny, romantic, modern-day story about two people who connect across the world.

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Summer Haikus

Isa must unexpectedly run her family’s Tokyo business with her best friend, Masa, who she’s secretly in love with. Can she keep the business afloat and her feelings a secret for the summer?

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Looking for the Miso Cozy Mysteries?

These books have been moved to my pen name, Steph Gennaro. Find them on her website!

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