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May 2024 Goals

I am so busy, so I'm kind of happy to see my May is not loaded with goals. Lol.

What are my May Goals?

Finish the Kimura Sisters book I'm working on. Once I get in the groove, I'll be chugging through these chapters. I have 5 of the proposed 20 chapters done already.

Work on books for my secret pen name. Hey, y'all, I'm working on AI-forward books for a secret pen name. What does AI-forward mean? It means I work extensively with AI to brainstorm, draft, and edit the books, all with my input and direction. It's an experiment to see if that whole “push a button and get a book” fear that Anti-AI people have is even possible. I figure it's better for me to know than not know. Discipline, Input, Learner, and Responsibility are all high Clifton Strengths of mine, so you can see why I'm drawn to this experiment.

Travel to Boston for the Subscriptions for Authors Summit. I'll be there this weekend through the beginning of the week. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and doing something that I enjoy.

Continue with my FFA and other business work. I'm teaching some classes this month that I need to get working on.

Stick with my workout schedule, Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. The usual.

What happened with April's Goals?

Start publishing my fantasy rom-com to Ream. This is rockin' and rollin' right now. All of my chapters are scheduled and moving along.

Work on setting up a Shopify store. Due to other things we had to setup first, I did not setup the Shopify store this month. It looks like I'll be doing that in June.

Write the first half of my Kimura Sisters book. I wrote the first 25% pretty much. I am behind but I'll still submit on time.

Work on a fine tune model of how I outline. I don't think I need this. Claude 3 is doing a great job with outlining for me right now.

Continue my work with Future Fiction Academy. I have a class I need to record this Thursday!

Stick with my workout schedule, Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. The usual.

That's it for this month! Have a great May everyone!

S. J. Pajonas