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April 2024 Monthly Update

I really could have used 31 days in April. I have never been so busy in my whole life as I was this month. I thought March was busy. This was a little insane, and I don't think it's going to let up at all in May.

We started out the month at the beach house. We weren't there for very long but it was nice and relaxing nonetheless. My husband came home first to take care of some package deliveries, and only a few hours before we drove home, there was an earthquake here in New Jersey! That was super weird. We didn't feel it as bad at the beach house as my husband did at home.

Once we got home, it was go go go after that. We got a chance to see the majority of the solar eclipse. That was cool. My husband and I went into Manhattan two nights in a row to see The Magnetic Fields perform their 25th anniversary tour of the 69 Love Songs. It was so fun, and I was very happy with the performances.

Spring has really blossomed! My allergies are still pretty bad but everywhere around here is beautiful with flowers. I love it. I started a podcast. My oldest daughter got her drivers license. And then we threw a tea party for her 17th birthday. Taylor Swift dropped a DOUBLE ALBUM and I have been listening to it nonstop for almost two weeks now. I cannot, will not stop. It is pure genius. In fact, I can hear I Can Do It with a Broken Heart playing in the next room as I type this.

Along with all of that, I have been working a lot. I started another new business with a few other people and got that up and running. I've been writing the next Kimura Sisters book and publishing the first in my new fantasy romantic comedy series, The Blender's Bargain on Ream. I've been working on another project too!

Goals check-in

Amazingly enough, all of my goals are proceeding as planned. Like last month, I'm a little behind on my writing, but I still have May before my deadline approaches! Again, I'm still not on the bike as much as I wanted to be, but that's okay. I've been active every single day.

What I watched and what I'm reading

My husband and I watched and finished 3 Body Problem on Netflix, Regime and Tokyo Vice on MAX, and Shōgun on Hulu. Regime was my least favorite of them all. I wanted to like it but it wasn't as funny as people made it out to be. Loved 3 Body Problem and Shōgun. They were both excellent. I stopped watching Alias. The last season is just not any good, so I decided to stop. And now I'm watching MI-5/Spooks on Britbox.

My only fiction is Bridgerton Book 3, An Offer from a Gent, on Audible. On my Kindle, I'm reading up on how to start a Shopify store. If the book proves to be awesome, I'll share it next month.

S. J. Pajonas