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The Blender’s Bargain Starts Today on Ream!

I'm excited to announce The Appliance Uprising Series launching today on Ream!

The Blender's Bargain is the beginning of my fantasy rom-com adventure series, and I plan to have at least 3 books following these fun and quirky characters on Latara and beyond!

When a cosmic event traps ancient magicians within household appliances, Archie, a compassionate schoolteacher, and kind-hearted and fiercely loyal Garrick find themselves thrust into a quest across the planet Latara. Guided by a gruff magician trapped in a blender and a haughty wizard stuck in a toaster, they must reunite these magical beings on a sacred ground, navigating a treacherous path of trials, romantic entanglements, and an underlying mystery that links their world to a past magical civilization.

Are you subscribed to my Ream yet? Followers will be able to read the first 4 chapters of this series for free, and then the rest will only be available to 🌸 Sakura Tier members.

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Some things to note about The Blender's Bargain

  • Chapters will be publishing twice per week, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 12PM Eastern.
  • The book will be on Ream in two parts. Part One will finish at the very end of May. Part Two will start publishing at the beginning of July. Each part is about 18 chapters.
  • There are accompanying Midjourney AI images for each chapter. They were fun to make and they will give you an idea of what I had in mind for the moods of each chapter. I may or may not keep them around for the published version of the book.
  • Yes, I did use AI (Both GPT4 and Claude) to help me write this book as I will for all books going forward in my career. I use AI to help me with brainstorming, world-building, initial drafts, and marketing. Sometimes AI does a lot in my process. Sometimes it does very little. But everything that gets published is okayed by me first. I will not be having discussions about ethical or legal concerns here on my blog.
  • None of these chapters on Ream have been copy edited. I have done initial edits — adding in dialogue, making sure things remain on target, but the massaging of the words and sentences to perfection won't happen until I get the book ready for main retailers.
S. J. Pajonas