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March 2024 Monthly Update

March was a busy month! There were a lot of days where I would look up and suddenly it was dinner time. I flew through the days, meeting after meeting, chore after chore, task after task until I was so burned out I thought I would melt into a puddle.

In March, I returned from New Orleans and got right back to work. I was interviewed by J. Thorn and he published the interview just a week ago. My oldest child took the SAT for the first time, then she turned 17 and went to Virginia Beach on a school trip. My youngest performed in her middle school musical, Newsies Jr. and they did a great job! The bathroom at the beach house was completed as well.

Spring really started to show its face around here! Allergies flared up, buds burst onto trees, and flowers bloomed all over town. I went on a lot of outdoor walks and tried to stay sane with all the work I've been doing. I did two presentations this month. One for a University of Rochester class where they are learning all about Writing with AI. For the second one, I was the keynote speaker at the California Creative Writer's Conference where I spoke about bringing humanness and craft to using AI.

Unfortunately, my insomnia also returned this month. With the travel and then the time change for Daylight Saving, I stopped sleeping well and it really affected my mood. I was cranky for a lot of this month, and I was barely holding it together.

We're now on Spring Break finally! After working my butt off all month, we're here for the week after Easter. I'm planning on finishing up my writing for the Fantasy Rom-Com that I'm starting to publish this week! And I'm also relaxing and reading as much as I can (even though I accidentally broke my Kindle Oasis. That made me pretty damned sad, but Amazon is going to let me replace it for $40. Love Amazon.)

Goals check-in

All of my goals are proceeding as planned. I'm a little behind on my writing, but April is looking to be the month where I catch up! I'm still not on the bike as much as I wanted to be, but that's okay. I've been active every single day.

What I watched and what I'm reading

My husband and I are watching Shōgun, Tokyo Vice, and Masters of the Air, and I am still watching Alias (I'm almost done with Alias). I've watched Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie at least 3 times so far. Sometimes I just put it on while I work. I also watched the latest season of Blown Away on Netflix.

I DNFed two books at the 19% mark, which was a bummer. I read and loved A Prayer for the Crown Shy by Becky Chambers, and after the two DNF books, I decided to re-read To Be Taught, If Fortunate. I'm glad I got some reading done this month despite how busy I've been.

S. J. Pajonas