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Tilli’s Second Chance Is Now Available!

After its run in Pets in Space 8 and being held hostage by Amazon for 5 days, I'm excited to say that Tilli's Second Chance is now available! I really didn't expect Amazon to take so long to publish this book. Sigh. But eventually they let it through with no explanation as to why it was delayed.

This is the third book in the Kimura Sisters Series (not counting Ean's Rare Gift) and it was a joy to write and have it be a part of the whole Pets in Space 8 anthology. If you haven't read this one yet because you were waiting for it to be in Kindle Unlimited, now's your chance to download it and enjoy.

A tarnished reputation. A high-stakes competition. A chance to reclaim a shattered dream…

Tilli Kimura had her dreams of becoming a spaceship designer dashed when she was falsely accused of cheating on the entrance exam for the Interstellar Agency. Now, eight years later, she's given a second chance to prove her worth in a cutthroat spaceship design contest. With her loyal cat, Ivan, by her side and her former classmate, Kaito Nakamura, as her mentor, Tilli dives into the challenge, determined to finally have the future she's been reaching for.

Kaito can't believe his luck when he's paired with Tilli for the spaceship design contest. Back in school, he was always drawn to her intellect and resilience, and then she was gone, expelled because of a stupid rumor. Finally, they're both getting their second chance. And watching her work across the table, sketching and inventing, he's falling for her fast. She might be falling for him, too…

But when history repeats itself, and Tilli is let down once more, her dreams and newfound love are put to the test. With Kaito's steadfast support, Tilli must gather her courage to fight for her future once more.

Can Tilli reclaim her dreams, prove her innocence, and embrace the love she's found with Kaito? Or will her second chance slip through her fingers?

Tilli's Second Chance is a compelling story of redemption, love, and the relentless pursuit of dreams in the Kimura Sisters series of sci-fi romance novellas. Readers who enjoy stories of personal growth, enduring friendships, and unexpected romance will be captivated by Tilli's journey.

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S. J. Pajonas