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2024: The Year I Embrace What Makes Me Unique

What a year 2023 was! I’m not even sure I followed what I had set in motion a year ago since everything changed so quickly. How could I foresee that I would start a whole new business, pioneer so many new things for authors, and still not even publish half of what I wanted to publish?

Well, 2024 will be different because this year I have an idea of what I’m in for. I know what my role is in this changing market. I know what I want to do and how I want to accomplish it. The clarity is almost blinding!

2015 was The Year I Say No.
2016 was The Year I Give No F*cks.
2017 was The Year I Have Fun.
2018 was The Year I Don't Compete.
2019 was The Year I Improve Myself and My Business
2020 was The Year I Lead A Happy Creative Life
2021 was The Year I Develop My Systems
2022 was The Year I Become Stronger, Faster, More Powerful and Positive
2023 was The Year I Focus on Progress and Cultivate Self-Belief

2024 will be the Year I Embrace What Makes Me Unique

Because that’s what’s going to differentiate me from all the other authors out there as AI takes its hold on the creative community. It’s more important than ever to be unique, to be a powerhouse that can’t be stopped, to stand out from the crowd. And instead of shunning AI, I will use it as part of my superpower to meet the demands of my readers and my students too.

Together, we are all stronger, and I refuse to let my fellow authors fall behind. I will help any of them who need it or ask for it. I will lift them up, put them on my shoulders, and carry them through. Because it’s my unique viewpoint and willingness to step forward into this new domain that will help us all.

I know there will be scared authors out there, ready to tear me down in order for them to look virtuous. I will persevere. I will insist on pressing forward. I will bank on my unique sets of skills to push us through.

I hope you will join me.

Writing and Publishing Goals

I will focus on publishing to my Ream subscription. Whatever I write, I will release to my Ream readers first, and then later, the books will be released on Amazon and KU. I will no longer be using ARC readers (I only had 5 of them) but those people will get a copy of the book before the book is released to Amazon.

I will release at least 4 titles this year. The first will be an Amagi Series novella. The second will be the fantasy rom com I’ve been working on. Then there’s the next Kimura Sisters book. And I would also like to write and release a Skylar book. Bonus: I have ideas for an action-adventure thriller romance I’d like to do. I have also been generating a ton of AI novellas that I think, once they’re edited, may be fun for my Ream subscription. But only if I really love them. Otherwise I will just put them in the slush pile or post them to an anonymous pen name on Wattpad.

It’s also possible that my cozy mystery pen name will get 2 books this year! I have the first book half-written. Let’s see if I can finish it and make covers for the series.

I will produce more AI audio now that I’ve been accepted into the Amazon program. I’d like to start with the cozy mysteries first and then move on to my Nogiku Series.

Business Goals

I will build the Future Fiction Academy up. We are making great progress with the FFA! And this year we're introducing a 90-day curriculum that's really going to be awesome for students. I would love for us to be at 300+ students before the end of the year.

I will keep up with my Facebook and Amazon ads. It's possible I will be trying Facebook ads for my Ream subscription too, so we'll see how that goes.

I will keep up with my Ream subscription. I need to stay consistent about it!

I will build my newsletter list. I'm thinking about writing some quick novellas to bring people into my newsletter with Bookfunnel promos. We'll see!

Creativity Goals

I will find more books I want to read. 2023 sucked for reading. I want to do better in 2024. My goal is to read 2 non-fiction books per month and either listen to or read one fiction book. That's it. Just a small goal to propel me forward.

I will knit a sweater. I swear! And I will finish the blanket I’ve been working on for a year.

Personal Goals

I will travel more. I'm already planning on going to South Carolina to visit my parents and to New Orleans in February. Then there will be beach house, and hopefully, a trip to Japan in the fall!

I will work on helping out more with cooking. This is mostly my husband’s job but I want to help and be better about it, even if I'm just chopping vegetables.

I will continue to stay gluten free. The siren call of gluten haunts me every day. But I must stay strong! Otherwise I will be in a lot of pain.

I will add German to my list of languages I'm learning. I considered adding two languages to my Duolingo, but I think German is going to be enough. Now, I will be learning Japanese, Italian, French, and German! Woo!

I will do a Damp January and not drink until my birthday. My birthday is the 18th. Then I’m going to cut way back after that too. I love a good martini and a glass of wine, but I don't need the calories.

Fitness Goals

I will bike 1500 miles on the Peloton. 2023 saw me miss my Peloton goals because I was traveling and busy, but I did bike 1400 miles. In 2024, I would like to be mindful of biking more.

I will continue to walk on my non-bike days. I’m aiming for 1500 miles of walking as well.

I will try to add more upper body strength. If I could just do a few upper body strength classes per month, that would be better than nothing.

I will start my exercise earlier in the morning. I drop the kids off most days by 7:45. I’d like to be out walking or on the bike by 8 and done by 9:30 so I can shower and be available for meetings by 10.

I will add in more intermittent fasting. My body could stand to shed a few pounds and I think I’ll do this with IF again. Just during the week.

And that’s it!

This year, my goals are realistic, I think. And they all focus on me and my unique qualities! Let's do this, people! I can't wait to bring you on this ride with me.

Want to share your 2024 goals with me?

Comment and let me know what you’ll be up to in the new year!

S. J. Pajonas