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Sunday Update – December 17, 2023

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

I’m drafting this from the urgent care. My oldest daughter has a sinus infection and she just wants meds and to be done with it. But there goes my Sunday.

I have been exceptionally busy lately, working 12 hours a day and not taking any time off. I haven’t visited my blog friends in a month. I’ve barely watched tv. I haven’t knit a stitch. I have been working non-stop. Finally yesterday I had a day off and I spent the entire afternoon on the couch re-watching the Eras Tour movie (thank you Taylor Swift) and thinking about how to approach 2024.

I feel like I'm on the precipice of a huge change in my life. When I look back at the last 20 years, I see a pattern. I was in technology for about 10 years. Then publishing for 10 years. Now it's time to swing back to technology that focuses on publishing. Writing will still be a part of my life. It always will be. But now is the time to focus on this technology because I want authors to be prepared. I want authors to be in control and I need to help with that transition. It's more important than ever for me to put my skills to use.

This will be my last Sunday Update for a while. In 2024, I'll be moving to only monthly updates here on the blog. As much as I love doing the Sunday Update, I find I don't always have much to say about my weeks when I'm as busy as I am. And I feel terrible updating here and not being able to go around and say hi to the other people on the Sunday Update circuit. In addition, I will also be posting about work or life occasionally, plus updating here about what I have to offer on Ream. If you haven't followed me there yet, you should! It's free to follow, and once you're on Ream, you'll find lots of other great authors to follow too.

My Ream subscription is a big part of my change. It's like starting from zero again, but no pressure. I'm looking forward to updating there, posting my chapters-in-progress and slowing down a little to savor the storytelling. It's different, but it's not like my career ever took off as an author. Switching to a subscription with Ream, and then moving the books to Amazon/Kindle Unlimited, is probably more my speed.

I'm sorry about all of this. There are times when I feel like I'm failing, and this is one of them. I hate not being able to carry through on my obligations to you. I have worked so hard to make my writing career work, and this feels like defeat. But instead, I want to think of this as change for the better. I can put my skills to use in other ways, and the coaching and technology is where I need to go instead of just writing. I hope y'all can understand.

I always said I would give this career choice 10 years to see where it goes, and here I am. Now, let's see where I can go in the future.

PS) I promise to post photos of Lulu in my Monthly Updates. I know that's why you're really here. Lol. 😉

S. J. Pajonas