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October 2023 Goals

I went to bed last night and I said, “Is it really October tomorrow?” Yep. Yes, it is.

What happened with September's Goals?

Keep writing. I did keep writing this month, although still not a lot. We're “suffering” from growing pains at the FFA in that we're doing really well, and we're all working hard to stay on top of it! So that's great for the business but not so great for my writing. It's fine though. I know I'll publish again eventually. Concentrating on the FFA is my number one priority right now.

Keep teaching and live-writing with FFA. I worked A LOT this month and it was fun! I had a blast. Some weeks were more hectic than others, and I did lose some sleep, but overall, it was a great month.

Stick with the Peloton. I only had one week where I slacked off a little. Not bad.

Get the kids back to school and re-establish my routine. The first month back at school is always the hardest. There are also a lot of Jewish holidays in September that throw off the back-to-school routine. (We're not Jewish, but this part of the tri-state area always has off for these holidays.)

See my doctors this month. Saw my doctors and I'm pretty healthy. I think a lot of that has to do with the amount of cardio exercise I do. I started using a phytoestrogen cream recently and I think it's helping with my sleep.

Keep going with Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. I did everything here but knitting. I don't think I've knit in three months now. That makes me a little sad.

October Goals

Keep writing and teaching with the FFA. I'm hoping to add more chapters to both my fantasy romance and my cozy mystery this month, and I have classes to teach as well.

Go to Rhinebeck for the NY Sheep and Wool festival! I'm soooo looking forward to this! Though we didn't get the same house as last year (boo) I'm sure we'll have a blast at this house we found in Kingston for the weekend. I'm excited to go to the fair again and see old friends and squish some wool.

Prep for 20Books in Vegas. I'm going to the 20Booksto50k conference in Vegas in November and there's lots to do before then including going through the entire crazy schedule and choosing what I want to see and hear. I've gone through half the week already and I still have more to look at. The conference is HUGE.

Launch Pets in Space 8. This happens on Tuesday and there will be a corresponding newsletter the same day. I can't wait for you all to read Tilli's story! I'm also doing some Facebook ads for the book and I'm hoping they turn out great.

Stick with the Peloton. The usual. I'm concentrating on endurance rides and will continue to do this in October.

Keep going with Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. I hope to knit a little this month. We shall see!

That's it for this month! Have a great October everyone!

S. J. Pajonas