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September 2023 Goals

How is it September already? The kids go back to school next week!

What happened with August's Goals?

Finish at least one book. I did finish a book but it's not any of the ones I have been publicly working on. Sigh. I have been sooooooo busy.

Keep teaching and live-writing with FFA. This is what's taking up all of my time, but I'm glad for it. I feel like I've finally found my path in the author world and this is it. I am planning on still writing, but considering I never once ever made more than $700 in a month with my books, working with the FFA is the better choice for me.

Stick with the Peloton. I have been riding and not skipping any workouts. Huzzah!

Enjoy the beach house. I certainly enjoyed the beach house. It was nice to be there despite having loads of computer problems while I was there.

Keep going with Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. I did well with everything except knitting. I've been reading and watching good TV. I've been keeping up with my Duolingo. But I haven't touched my knitting in weeks.

September Goals

Keep writing. Okay, instead of saying that I should finish a book or even that I should get to a percentage in a specific book, I'm going to just encourage myself to keep writing. I spoke about this with my friend Elizabeth. We're both working really hard to make FFA happen, and we both need to set aside time to write our books. I'm hoping we keep each other accountable. Because I'm 11 chapters into the fantasy romance and it's turning into a witty and fun fantasy rom-com. Lol. I want to see where it goes! Plus there are my cozy mysteries too.

Keep teaching and live-writing with FFA. This is a given now every month, and September will be very busy because two of our founders are going to a conference mid-month and we have to cover for them. We've got this! But it'll be busy.

Stick with the Peloton. I need to keep up with my current schedule, which is going really well!

Get the kids back to school and re-establish my routine. Transitions are always really rough around here. Once the kids are back in school, I'm hoping my home routine gets easier.

See my doctors this month. I don't usually talk a lot about my health, but I'm seeing my primary care doc and the gynecologist this month. One for my usual yearly blood work and checkup. The other I'm hoping to talk about estrogen supplements because I'm 47 (48 in January) and I have peri-menopause symptoms like whoa. I'm barely sleeping, I'm running hot all night long, and then I have general anxiety all day. It's nuts and I want it to stop.

Keep going with Duolingo, reading, knitting, and TV. The usual here. I really should pick up my knitting this month.

That's it for this month! Have a great September everyone!

S. J. Pajonas