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June 2023 Goals

We're almost halfway through the year. How did that happen?

What happened with May's Goals?

Finish Tilli's Second Chance, get it off to proofreaders, make changes, and send to my editor. Done, done, done!

Start my new cozy mystery series. I did not start writing this, BUT I did re-reading Matsuri and Murder and come up with titles and plots for the first three books in the series! So there's progress.

Plot out my fantasy romance series. Okay, I did not get as far with this one. I started the plotting process but then I had a couple of extra ideas and then I got swamped with work. I'm hoping to get back to it this weekend.

Make website for new business venture. This is live and the business is off and running! It's only been two full weeks and we have amassed an insane amount of content. You can check it out what I'm doing at

Keep going with in-person French classes. I was doing really well with this but then this week I'm sick, so I missed class today. I'm hoping to go to the next two classes and then I'm done!

Keep going with Duolingo, exercise, reading, knitting, and TV. Amazingly enough I did all of these things.

June Goals

Plot out and start writing my fantasy romance series. It has to happen this month, even though June is always a mess with end-of-school stuff. I have a date with my cover designer for the end of the month, and that means that I need to know the titles of these books. (I already know kinda what I want the covers to look like.)

Continue teaching and working with FFA. I have lab hours that I teach every week, so I need to stay on top of those! Plus, any other work I need to do for the business.

Finish my in-person French classes. I love taking French in person and I hope to continue in the fall if I can find time in my schedule. I have two weeks left, and then I get to practice my French IN FRANCE at the end of the month.

Go on vacation! At the end of the month, we are traveling to London and Paris, and I CANNOT WAIT. I haven't been to Europe in SO LONG. I love it there. I can't wait to see both of these places, as I have not been to either. It should be fun to do it as a family.

Keep going with Duolingo, exercise, reading, knitting, and TV. The usual here. I'd love to get some more knitting in this month. I'm finally making good progress with my blanket.

That's it for this month! Have a great June everyone!

S. J. Pajonas