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May 2023 Goals

May day! May day!! Lots to do this month!

What happened with April's Goals?

Publish A Surprise Favor. Done! It's out there! It's getting read and purchased. It even has two ratings now on Amazon.

Start writing the next Kimura Sisters book, Tilli's Second Chance. I actually finished this in two weeks. Freaking UNPRECEDENTED. I'm going through and doing some edits now.

Start in-person French classes. I've had three classes now and I've learned so much! I love French class. It's lots of fun.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, Japanese, French, and Swedish. I missed a few days here and there, but it's going well.

Get the newsletter set up for my AI Fiction Coaching business. I didn't get around to it this month. Oh well.

Publish a post about space opera romance. Done! Read the post on space opera romance world-building.

Publish my Flyght art project. Done! Check out all travel posters I put together for the Flyght Series!

Keep up with my secret art project. I did not do this this month.

Exercise, TV, knitting, and reading. I didn't do much reading, but I did everything else.

May Goals

Finish Tilli's Second Chance, get it off to proofreaders, make changes, and send to my editor. This is my main goal this month, and I hope to be done with the majority of it this coming week.

Start my new cozy mystery series. I need to go back and re-read Matsuri and Murder to get a feel for my new series. Then I'm going to plot it and get going on it. I have a possible strategy set up for this series and it involves me writing the first 3 books first. So I'm going to get started on that.

Plot out my fantasy romance series. Okay, I have an idea about this one and I need to sit down with my tools and plot out the 5-book series arc, the book titles, and a rough idea of what happens in Books 1 and 2. I have engaged my cover designer for this series and she gets started on it in late June, so I want to be ready for her.

Make website for new business venture. So, I have a new business I'm becoming a part of and it's hush-hush right now. I'm the CTO and in charge of a lot of the tech stuff, which includes the website and all that. I'm going to get started on it this week by setting up WordPress and all the emails for me and the other employees. (Yes, I realize I have a lot of businesses. Yes, I'm crazy.)

Keep going with in-person French classes. I need to study more and do some more independent reading. I am falling a little behind because of my very busy schedule.

Keep going with Duolingo, exercise, reading, knitting, and TV. I'm lumping these all together now. Might as well!

That's it for this month! Have a great May everyone!

S. J. Pajonas