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April 2023 Goals

Hello spring!! I love spring. 🌸

What happened with March's Goals?

Finish A Surprise Favor, the next Amagi Series book. Done! It's finished and I'm currently in the proofreading phase. Also, I'm making an audiobook for it with a new TTS tool I have. These voices are pretty nice!

Start writing a new series of short stories. I did not start writing a short story series and I may have to postpone this until I'm done with the next Kimura Sisters book.

Get the newsletter set up for my AI Fiction Coaching business. Didn't get around to this.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. I kept going and I earned a slight profit! But a freebooksy I bought didn't help me. I think I'll only be doing them for new free books now.

Keep going with my secret AI art project. I posted some of these but ran out of time this month.

Setup my social media posts for the month. I'm slacking on this.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, Japanese, French, and Swedish. I kept up with my language learning!

Continue with my fitness goals. I'm definitely still working out and it's going well so far, except for a shoulder that's hurting.

Reading, TV, and knitting. Watched some good TV this month, and I even read and knitted!

April Goals

Publish A Surprise Favor. Yep! It's happening this month! But what I'm going to do is a little different than usual. I'm going to publish it direct first for 2 weeks, and then it'll be for sale on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited after that. This way, if you are not an Amazon customer, you can still buy it! I will probably do this with all of my books going forward if this works out for people.

Start writing the next Kimura Sisters book, Tilli's Second Chance. I'm going to give myself 5 weeks to write this one since it's a novella. We'll see if I can manage it!

Start in-person French classes. I signed up for in-person French classes here in the next town over via Alliance Francaise. I'm super excited to be learning this with other people. It's an 11-week course on Wednesday mornings, and it ends the week before we leave for London and Paris.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, Japanese, French, and Swedish. Keep going!

Get the newsletter set up for my AI Fiction Coaching business. I will get around to this this month.

Publish a post about space opera romance. I have been writing some blog posts for here about space opera romance. I have one ready to go for this month and one for next.

Publish my Flyght art project. I've been working on a series of images for the Flyght Series. They are super fun and go along with the space opera romance post I will be publishing.

Keep up with my secret art project. I need to sit down, get the images made, and schedule them all out for the month.

Exercise, TV, knitting, and reading. Keep going, Stephanie!

That's it for this month! Have a great April everyone!

S. J. Pajonas