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March 2023 Goals

I sound like a broken record, but how is it already March?

What happened with February's Goals?

Finish A Surprise Favor, the next Amagi Series book. Nope. Didn't happen. I vastly underestimated how much time all of my other tasks would need and how they would affect my writing time. BUT, I am making great progress and I should be done soon. I'm closing in on the last 10k right now.

Build a website for my new coaching business. The basics of this site are done. Now I just need to work on the newsletter portion.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. I stopped my ads on Crash Land on Kurai because they weren't converting. I think this month I will work on ads for Removed.

Get my books off the random international sites and into Kindle Unlimited. Done.

Setup my social media posts for the month. Done to the best of my abilities. I let my Page go a bit at the beginning of the month, but it picked back up steam last week.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, start Portuguese, and keep up Lingo Deer Japanese. I made some changes here. I went back to the Japanese lessons in Duolingo and I added in Swedish and French.

Continue with my fitness goals. I'm working out consistently!

Reading, TV, and knitting. I read plenty on vacation, but I haven't been knitting.

March Goals

Finish A Surprise Favor, the next Amagi Series book. I swear to god I'm finishing this book THIS MONTH.

Start writing a new series of short stories. I plan on writing a series of short stories that I will be collaborating heavily with ChatGPT and Sudowrite on. I have a concept that I'd like to explore and write about, and I think it would be fun to use the AI tools to do it. I don't know what I'll do with the short stories when I'm done. We'll see.

Get the newsletter set up for my AI Fiction Coaching business. I have a sign-up live for this, but I need to set-up a welcome sequence and send out my first newsletter.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. I plan to add in ads for Removed this month.

Keep going with my secret AI art project. I started a secret AI art project (I know, I'm a tease) that is only on Facebook right now. It's images paired with mini-stories I write with ChatGPT. Lots of fun, and I'm just doing it because I like it.

Setup my social media posts for the month. Pretty self-explanatory. I schedule them with a few tools and then I check on them every Sunday.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, Japanese, French, and Swedish. Keep going.

Continue with my fitness goals. Ride Monday, Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and Saturday. Walk Thursday, sometimes Friday, and Sunday. Rest on Tuesday with just one dog walk around the block. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

Reading, TV, and knitting. The usual.

That's it for this month! Have a great March everyone!

S. J. Pajonas