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February 2023 Goals

January flew by! Time to get moving on February.

What happened with January's Goals?

Write the next Amagi Series book. My original plan was to take six weeks to write this book. And I think I'm going to come in around seven to eight weeks. Still, a very decent pace. I'm continuing to write after taking a few mental health days to mourn my uncle.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. I was going great with FB ads until I decided to put all of my books into Kindle Unlimited. They are all turned off now.

Spend more time on AI art. I made a few things in AI art this month, but I've mostly been concentrating on writing.

Schedule my social media calendar for first quarter 2023. No. I decided to go month to month with this.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, start Portuguese, and keep up Lingo Deer Japanese. I have stayed on top of Duolingo Italian and Portuguese. Japanese, not as much.

Continue with my fitness goals. My fitness is going fine, but I've been in a lot of hip pain lately. So I am taking every Tuesday as a rest day.

Reading, TV, and knitting. I haven't been reading as much as I like, but there's been some TV and knitting.

February Goals

Finish A Surprise Favor, the next Amagi Series book. I should be able to finish this book in February. My original goal was to finish before we left for vacation around mid month. But that's not going to happen, I don't think. I've been taking time off writing to do website work and mourn my uncle.

Build a website for my new coaching business. I am starting an AI Fiction Coaching business, helping authors individually integrate AI tools into their workflows. I have the domain and everything. I just need to set up the website and calendar booking system. I'm hoping to have that done before my vacation.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. As soon as the books go into KU, I will restart ads with some optimized text and images. I plan on doing ads for each of my series.

Get my books off the random international sites and into Kindle Unlimited. I am waiting on Kobo to delist my books from a bunch of their partner stores in Mexico and Canada. Ugh. I have to tell you, this process is slow and painful. If I ever give up on Kindle Unlimited, I may not go back to Kobo unless I can opt-out of these stores. Some of the stores have books that I delisted FIVE YEARS AGO. WTF?

Setup my social media posts for the month. Pretty self-explanatory. I schedule them with a few tools and then I check on them every Sunday.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, start Portuguese, and keep up Lingo Deer Japanese. Keep going. I need to do the Japanese at least once per week.

Continue with my fitness goals. Ride Monday, Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and Saturday. Walk Thursday, sometimes Friday, and Sunday. Rest on Tuesday with just one dog walk around the block. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

Reading, TV, and knitting. The usual, and I plan to read a lot on vacation.

That's it for this month! Have a great February everyone!

S. J. Pajonas