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TV Chat #21 – What I Watched in January 2023

Plus two things I forgot to put on last year's post!


The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House was a fantastic show. It was quiet, subdued, and sometimes nothing happened at all, but it was compelling nonetheless. I loved all the little Japanese insights and of course the food! The last episode made me cry like a baby. Lol. It was so sweet and beautiful.


Glass Onion (A Knives Out movie) was pretty fun. There were a lot of things I wasn't expecting and I didn't guess the killer ahead of time. I loved all the drama, even if some of it was convoluted. All around, a lot of fun. We watched this one with the kids.


Top Gun: Maverick was one we passed on in the theater and we finally got around to watching this month. I thought it was really fun. I think my husband liked it less, but he LOVED the original movie. Things I liked about this: the woman in the flight group was just as competent as the men and there was no hint of sexual misconduct or even a lack of talent because she was a woman (yes, I pay attention to this stuff because I know what it's like for women in the military), the “enemy” was never identified (they did a great job of making them a nationality), the romance was great without being too sappy. All in all, a solid job of a movie.


Break Point was on my list since I heard about it. I love tennis and grew up playing tennis. I've been to the US Open a few times and used to follow it pretty closely. I haven't followed it much in the last few years because of life, so I thought this might be fun to watch and get to know new players. It was really good. I was totally sucked in watching these people work hard for something they believed in. This season covered the Australian Open, French Open, and Indian Wells. I'm looking forward to Wimbledon and the US Open in next season.


I finished Break Point and went straight on to the Naomi Osaka documentary because Netflix knows me all too well. I thought this one was well done too. It covered a lot of her life growing up including being half Japanese. It also went into her mental health state and then ended with her activist work leading up to the US Open. I have a lot of respect for her to do so much at such a young age.


My husband and I watched the final season of Derry Girls together. There was a lot of over-acting in this season, unfortunately, but still some good funny moments. I still love Sister Michael. When she picked up the phone and said, “You may speak,” I cried from laughter. As a whole, the show was a lot of fun.


Royalty is pretty divisive. You either love it or hate, it seems. Harry & Meghan was good. I had no idea how bad things were for them, and seeing it all laid out with their thoughts and feelings really brought it home. I know people are angry with them for saying anything, but I applaud them for doing the series and writing the book (and yes, earning money from it. I'm totally okay with that). I'm Team Harry all the way. Today, I watched his interview with Stephen Colbert, and I found that enjoyable too. He feels a little more American every day. I think he likes it here. Fine by me.


I regret that I did not add this to last year's post. We saw Good Night Oppy in the theater in Charleston when we were there in November. It was lovely. Even the kids enjoyed it. I cried more than once OVER A MARS ROVER. It was just that good. Watch it now. I think it's on Amazon.

Last year we also saw the Minions movie in July which I forgot to mention and won't really mention now. It was funny but ultimately pretty stupid. That's okay. It doesn't need to be anything more than that.

S. J. Pajonas