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The World of An Unforgiving Desert

One of my pastimes is playing with the AI image generator, Midjourney. And when I was reading through An Unforgiving Desert over the holidays, I decided to make images of different scenes from the book.

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Starting with the beginning of An Unforgiving Desert, here's the space station where Skylar is studying and testing to get her Class Three license. And the cafeteria where she and Amira eat before having a run-in with Kalvin and his buddies…

In the test ship, Skylar and Kalvin are trying to get the ship back online before they're shoved into a lifepod and sent to the Novato Desert of Sonoma.

On the move across the Novato Desert.

Skylar and Kalvin having a moment to talk and rest.

Skylar on the dunes, trying to figure out how to navigate at night.

Faced with another sandstorm.

An encounter with sand tigers.

Returning to Casa Aravena and drinking Laguna 43 on the porch.

Just to note, many of these images I had to touch up and make changes to, but a lot of them came out of Midjourney as is! It's such a cool program. I'll be doing more of these in the months to come for sure!

S. J. Pajonas