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Pricing Statement for 2023

Surprise! Every one of my books is on sale until the end of the week! It's a bit of a sneaky sale, since really I'm increasing the prices on almost all of my books for 2023. In 2022, I kept all of my books at bargain-basement prices as I worked through long covid and a lack of energy and focus for both writing and my business. In 2023, things will be different.

As you have seen from my post about my typical work day, I work many hours every day. It takes a lot of hard work to bring you all of this content, from the blog to the social media posts to the books and the bonus scenes and the newsletter exclusive stories. The books need to help pay for all of that and give me the ability to pay for things like new covers, editing, etc.

So, starting later this week, I will be raising prices on pretty much all of my books. Some of my free books will be going to 99¢. Many other books will have their prices increased to reflect the current market.

This is your warning, as my blog fans, that if you had wanted to download or read any of these books soon, you can get them now at the lower price! Run, do not walk, to your computer and click those buttons!

If you are a newsletter subscriber, congrats! You get series starters for free! You lucky kids, you.

S. J. Pajonas