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January 2023 Goals

It's a new year! Let's get to work!

What happened with December's Goals?

Finish Ean's Rare Gift. Done! And my newsletter people have it in their hands!

Spend more time on AI art. I did play around with MidJourney more and it was a lot of fun.

Finish the audiobook for The Daydreamer Detective. Didn't happen.

Start Facebook Ads. My ads coach and I have been running ads since December 7th and they are going well!

Plan out my social media calendar for first quarter 2023. Didn't happen. I brainstormed ideas but I need to get started on scheduling.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian and Lingo Deer Japanese. I stayed on top of Italian but not Japanese.

Go to the beach house between Christmas and New Year's. This didn't happen. My husband went for a day without us to handle some problems there. We stayed home. It was just a better way to spend the time.

Continue with my fitness goals. I kept up with my goals all month!

Reading, TV, and knitting. Yes! I actually did all of this. ❤️

January Goals

Write the next Amagi Series book. My plan is to take six weeks to write this book. With the new tools I have, I think I can hit that goal, and maybe even less. But I'm budgeting for six weeks.

Keep going with Facebook Ads. I my ads coach and I will be branching out to other series and possibly some list building.

Spend more time on AI art. I had so much fun in December making images of An Unforgiving Desert (coming soon to the blog and social media), that I plan to do a lot more.

Schedule my social media calendar for first quarter 2023. I plan to get this all in Meta Business Manager and Buffer by the end of the week.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian, start Portuguese, and keep up Lingo Deer Japanese. I'm adding a new language in this year. It's my goal to make Italian and Japanese my main secondary languages, and then I'd like to do a day a week of a different language until I have learned the basics of 20 languages (a bucket list goal).

Continue with my fitness goals. I have a new routine. 30 min HIIT ride on Monday. 30 min Endurance ride on Wednesday. 20 min Low Impact ride on Friday. 60 min Endurance ride on Saturday. Walks every day as long as the weather is nice.

Reading, TV, and knitting. The usual here! I still love all of these things as my hobbies.

That's it for this month! Have a great January everyone!

S. J. Pajonas