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A Look Back At 2022 – What I Accomplished, Set Aside, or Changed

Well, 2022 was quite the year. This was a hard post for me to write because I don't think I've ever had such a difficult year where I failed so many of my goals. It was go go go all year to the point where I got burned out in the summer while trying to recover from covid.

Let's look back at this year…

January started off with my birthday and a trip to our new beach house! We moved a bunch of stuff down there over the MLK weekend and I got plenty of walks on the beach in the cold. We celebrated our great uncle with family (he died a few years ago but we salute him).

February was busy for me. I presented in an English class at Michigan State University. Lulu got her Valentine's photos taken. I went down to the beach house by myself for a self-care weekend. I watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy and knit on my blanket.

March was another full month! We went to the beach house again and my youngest daughter got the flu. We had the beach house painted all inside and I had my 600th Peloton ride.

April was probably the craziest month of the year. We went to Disneyworld for our spring break! And it was such a great time. I had so much fun and it was definitely needed because it really boosted my spirits. But then we returned home and I got covid. Not really surprising, but it was the beginning of my covid fatigue that lasted six months.

May was all about recovery. Though we did a lot this month with another trip to the beach house over Memorial Day weekend, and lots of softball, I was very lethargic and depressed. I hid it well and put on a smile for family and friends. But inside, I was really down. I was uncreative, writing very slowly on The Fate of Shin-Osaka, so tired, doing the bare minimum of exercise, not eating well. It was tough.

June meant the end of school and more time at the beach house! Once school was done and the sun was out, I was definitely feeling a bit better, but not a lot. We had a k-pop concert and more time at the beach house. I continued writing, but it wasn't going well.

July was a great month with lots going on. We went to the beach house with my parents while my oldest daughter was traveling in Italy. We got our pool installed and we love it!

August was a lot of fun too. We briefly had family down at the beach house again before they had to go home because of covid (sigh). We also got our deck refinished and I did a bunch of reorganizing in the house.

September was back to school, of course. And we had a doggie guest for 11 days while my parents went to Italy. It was a lot of work, but I was glad I could help them out. Marching band and field hockey started back up again and it was a constant stream of afterschool activities. It was exhausting.

October was the same except for a trip away for me. Field hockey, band, and lots and lots of carpooling. I went to Rhinebeck NY Sheep and Wool midway through the month to hang out with friends. It was so great. So fabulous. I wish I could do it every month! I was starting to feel better this month, less tired and less depressed. I was finally coming out of my covid fog.

November was another blur of a month. My husband and I took a day off and went to the city together. I finished and published The Fate of Shin-Osaka, then we went to South Carolina to visit my parents and celebrate my father's 80th birthday. We also saw family for Thanksgiving which was nice. I got a little further into Italian by studying from a book too. I started writing Ean's Rare Gift and held myself to a deadline in December.

December has been crazy busy as well. I finished Ean's Rare Gift and sent it out to my newsletter people. I was at the hospital several times to visit a sick family member and help another family member with the stuff that went along with it. I was on my own for most of this month as my husband traveled for two weeks of the month and then was sick for a third week. So I was annoyed and exhausted for many days. Lol. But after many months of covid fatigue it was good to get a lot done.

Favorite Part of This Year

Going to Disneyworld. It was so much fun. I love it there.

Least Favorite Part of This Year

Getting covid, obviously, and the fatigue that followed.

Let’s look back at my goals from the year…

2022: The Year I Become Stronger, Faster, More Powerful and Positive

Well, unfortunately, this goal was a big fat NO this year. I did not become stronger, faster, more powerful and positive due to covid. I actually exercised a lot less, slowed down, and was depressed for many months. Despite getting a fair amount done, I still failed at almost every goal. It's making me think again about how I want to define 2023.

Writing and Publishing Goals

I will concentrate on writing 1000 words per day when not editing or doing other tasks. Nope. There were several months where I did not write at all. I almost thought I was close to quitting because writing had become such a chore.

Put all my titles into large print format after July. Nope. Didn't happen. I did make sure all of my books were on Ingram Spark. That's about it.

Publish The Amagi Series Books 2 and 3, Hikoboshi Book 5, another Pets in Space novella. So, this one was close. I did publish A Fortunate Accident, The Fate of Shin-Osaka, and Myra's Big Mistake. Instead of doing another Amagi Series book, I decided to write a newsletter exclusive Kimura Sisters book, Ean's Rare Gift.

Added Goals

I thought I would make audiobooks of my pen name's books. But I realize I just don't have the time to do this.

Business Goals

I will continue to advertise my free books every month. I did this with some Amazon Ads too, except for the third quarter which I took off.

I will take off six months from the business of publishing. I did do this but only because of the covid fatigue. And I've gotta tell you, I won't be doing this again. It's not healthy for me. More on this in my New Year post.

I will continue to spend more time on Instagram. Instagram took a major dive for me this year. They stopped distributing my posts and would only give me love if I posted Reels. So I decided to step back.

Added Goals

I started Facebook Ads. I have employed the wonderful Mal Cooper to help me with Facebook Ads for my books, and they're actually working! I may slowly be moving the majority of my books to paid status and running ads on them all. We shall see.

Creativity Goals

I will read or listen to 20 books. I actually read or listened to 21 books! Huzzah! And I'm almost done with number 22 so I'll just roll it into this count. 😀

I will learn Italian and Japanese on Duolingo. I kept up with Italian. Japanese has been on and off all year. Sometimes I just don't have the time.

I will knit one shawl and crochet a temperature blanket. Another failure in that I didn't do either of these. My temperature blanket pattern was just a bad idea. I ended up knitting a different blanket, which I love. I then fell off the knitting wagon for several months, but I am working on another blanket.

Personal Goals

I will work on making the beach house our second home. The beach house has really come a long way! It's more comfortable there now, and I love it. But the kids don't want to spend a lot of time there, so we catch as catch can.

I will travel and see friends and family more, Covid permitting. We did see friends and family more even through many rounds of covid, flu, RSV, and stomach bugs.

Fitness Goals

I will bike 3000 miles on Peloton. Nope. I did about 2200 miles. Thanks, covid.

I will participate in Pelofondo again. Nope. Didn't happen.

I will do all the 75-min and 90-min Power Zone Endurance Rides in the library by 2022’s end. Nope. Didn't happen.

I will work my way up to 60-min Climb Rides. Nope. Didn't happen. (Is there an echo in here?)

I will complete the Peloton Boxing course. Same. Didn't happen.

I will participate in every Power Zone Pack Challenge and make sure to always buy a t-shirt! I stopped doing challenges because I wanted to just be able to ride without the pressure of riding.

Wow… I blew every single one of my fitness goals this year. 😢

And That’s It For The Year!

It wasn't the best of updates, but it is what it is. I can only hope I do better next year. I’ll be back with my goals post for 2023 on January 1st! I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

S. J. Pajonas