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The Astrology of Ean’s Rare Gift

When I was writing Ean's Rare Gift, I decided to do another fun pairing of Air and Fire. I've done this before in the Amagi Series, but this time I really wanted a Sagittarius woman to take center stage! Let's learn more about Ean Kimura, our Gemini, and Karina Varoni, our Sagittarius.

Ean Kimura

Gemini, the zodiac sign of the Twins, is a unique and highly versatile sign and it's the perfect sign for Ean. Those born under this sign are known for their strong intellectual capabilities and quick wit, as well as their incredible communication skills. Ean often puts these qualities to use at his job running the Kimura Foundation which helps the homeless in his town find housing. Gemini's possess an amazing ability to see both sides of an argument or conflict – making them excellent mediators and negotiators. He's the best of the best, and everyone wants to work with him. He's able to quickly assess situations, think on his feet, and come up with inventive solutions that can help bring resolution to any problem. When Ean is on the case, he can always come up with the perfect compromise for every situation. Gemini's are also renowned for their adaptability, creativity, and curiosity, which make them excellent problem solvers and innovators.

Ean is a pair widow. His pair cat, Suzie, died a few years ago and he misses her terribly. Even though he's especially charismatic, he hasn't met his new pair… yet. But of course, his new pair has to be the perfect counterpoint to him, also intelligent and curious! Can you guess what animal is the perfect match? I bet you can!

Geminis are often seen as scattered or restless when it comes to making decisions or commitments and Ean is no different. He's scared of committing to a woman, and he's never taken the leap in the past. He can appear indecisive and confused due to his need for variety and being able to explore multiple options at once. This can mean that Geminis have difficulty committing to any one path in life, and can be too easily swayed by the opinions of others. Thankfully, Ean committed to the foundation early in life and loves his job, otherwise he would be drifting from one job to the next!

Due to their love of conversation and debate, Geminis may sometimes come across as unreliable when speaking with others, as they may jump from one topic to the next before coming to a conclusion. Ean's Moon is in Aries, and that helps him temper this because he invests his emotional energy in demonstrating his authority and ambition.

Karina Varoni

Karina is the Italian heroine I've always wanted to write. Sagittarius is a sign of strength and resilience, which is why Karina is such a great fit for Ean. Born under the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are known for their natural optimism and enthusiasm, as well as their strong sense of justice. They are adventurous souls who crave new experiences and uncharted territories, and they don't shy away from challenges or hard work. All of this describes Karina perfectly! She's a young widow who picked up her broken life in one town and started a new business somewhere else, hoping to start over. She's always willing to help, and she does it with a smile and a positive attitude.

Sagittarius-born individuals have an unwavering determination that allows them to tackle difficult tasks or unconventional problems with ease. Karina taps into this when a strong storm threatens the town and Ean needs help. Her positive nature also leads her to take joy in learning something new, as knowledge-seeking comes naturally to those born under this sign. This, coupled with their resilience, makes Sagittarian Karina the perfect sign for Ean.

Sagittarians are known for their impulsivity and reckless behavior which can lead to poor decision-making. Karina has had plenty of this in the past but with her Mercury in Libra this Sagittarian becomes more conscious of her words and actions. It tempers her carelessness. Additionally, they are prone to exaggeration and over-promising without considering the consequences of their actions, making it difficult for them to follow through on commitments or grand ideas. They may also be overly blunt in their interactions with others as a result of not being able to filter their thoughts before speaking. Again, though, Karina's Mercury in Libra gives her the self-discipline and focus to follow through with her ambitious ideas and commitments. This helps her to be more positive and productive in her endeavors and less likely to hurt another's feelings.

Gemini and Sagittarius in Love

Gemini and Sagittarius signs have a lot of potential for a passionate and exciting romance, especially Ean and Karina. Both are naturally passionate, fun-loving, and adventurous people who enjoy exploring the world through a variety of experiences whether that's a trip to the local pairing club or spending an afternoon together doing charity work.

However, these two signs can also have a tendency to be a bit too scattered and impulsive in their relationships. They may be prone to making rash decisions and jumping into relationships too quickly, which can lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings. We see this near the end of this story, but thankfully, Ean's impulsive decision ends happily. With the right balance of communication and understanding, Gemini and Sagittarius can be a highly compatible match and enjoy a fulfilling, passionate romance. Communication is key, and Ean and Karina have this in spades!

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Love can blossom in the most unexpected places, especially when the future is uncertain.

Ean Kimura has harbored a crush on Karina Varoni for years, but he never found the courage to act on it. Karina, the local café owner, is a widow living with the ghost of her late husband and struggling to move on with her life. After confessing her feelings to her sister-in-law, she finally musters the courage to ask Ean on a date, and he eagerly accepts. Despite the fear of ruining their friendship, Ean and Karina take a chance at love and their date blossoms into a magical evening.

But when a superstorm threatens their town, Ean and Karina must put their relationship on hold to help those in danger. Working together to save a group of people squatting in a nearby abandoned estate, disaster strikes, and they're forced to flee the chaos.

Will their love be powerful enough to survive the storm? Ean and Karina will discover the strength of their bond in this thrilling and romantic tale of courage and devotion in Ean's Rare Gift, a companion novella to the Kimura Sisters Series.

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