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October 2022 Goals

September was a busy month, and October will be too! Lots to do!

What happened with September's Goals?

Finish The Fate of Shin-Osaka. I DID IT! It's done! Well, the first draft, anyway. But no worries. I know it's really close to the final story and I plan to have it totally done soon.

Post some promo for Pets in Space 7. I've been posting to the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

Get caught up on all my back blog posts. Posted some of these. I'll be working on more in October.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian. Been doing this! Only missed two days this whole month, and I used Streak Freezes on those days so I could maintain my streak.

Stick with my new low-sugar diet. This is going well! I eat a little sugar per day, and some days, it's less than others. I will take it.

Continue with my fitness goals. I did well with this until this week when my left leg, the one I broke, started hurting and swelled up. It's better now, but I had to take a few days off.

Reading, TV, and knitting. Done! I've been watching and knitting most days. I started a new book and I've been listening to an audiobook as well.

Make it through this month in one piece. I made it. Just barely. I think I spent more time in my car this month than I did at home.

October Goals

Finish editing The Fate of Shin-Osaka. I plan to buckle down this month and finish this book. Finish it for good. I know what I have to change to make everything coherent, and then it's copy editing and proofreading and off to y'all! I'm going to set a date once I get through copy edits.

Celebrate Pets in Space 7. I plan to have a little celebration for this! Maybe a little champagne or good food. Either way, it's a blessing to be a part of this anthology again.

Get caught up on all my back blog posts. I still have a lot to share in TV and Book Chats. So I hope to get those written and posted before the end of the month.

Spend more time on AI art. I have access to both Midjourney and Dall-E so I would like to make an image each day this month and share the prompt online. I hope to post them to my Sunday Updates.

Stay on top of my Duolingo Italian and Lingo Deer Japanese. I found an app to help me with Japanese called Lingo Deer. So now I'm doing both Italian and Japanese almost every day. I want to stay on top of that.

Finish the audiobook for The Daydreamer Detective. I don't talk much about my cozy mysteries under my pen name here but yeah they still exist. Right now, I'm using Google Play's AI Audio tool to make an audiobook of the first book of the series. If that goes well, I plan to continue and do more of my S. J. Pajonas books too. (I just uploaded my AI audiobooks of the Flyght Series to Kobo.)

Continue with my fitness goals. The Power Zone Pack Challenge is almost over and I did well with it up to this week when my leg flared up. Next week is the last week and after that, I'm in charge of my own fitness. I'm making plans for that now.

Reading, TV, and knitting. The usual here. I plan to finish LOST and move on to something else this month.

That's it for this month! Have a great October everyone!

S. J. Pajonas