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Meet Mochi! From Myra’s Big Mistake…

On the planet Orihimé, the native population has a special animal translation chip that people can opt-in to have implanted between the ages of 8 and 25. Once you have the chip, you are then able to pair with the animals of the planet, either wild or domesticated. Being paired means that you’re able to communicate with your animal, and you form a bond that lasts their lifetime.

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet their pair, and some people will pair with more than one animal in their lifetime. You just never know. In general, if you pair with a dog, then dogs are your animal. You tend to stick to the same kind of animal throughout your life.

Myra’s pair is a polite yet gossipy skunk named Mochi. He loves to cuddle in bed, play outside at night, and stay in the shadows listening to people talk. He’s sweet and kind, much like Myra, and they love to spend time together. He makes a great pair for Myra since she’s a line cook at a restaurant and this means there are a lot of late nights for her. Mochi, being a creature of the night, is always there to walk her home.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for some), Mochi comes with a built-in defense system! He knows better than to spray at home, but when Myra gets into a bit of trouble, he’s ready to raise his tail and aim his stink at the assailant. Great for her; terrible for her attacker. But really, Mochi’s best defense is a good attitude and a willingness to forgive others.

When Myra starts to date Nosuké, Mochi is the first to understand Nosuké’s intentions and coax Myra in the right direction. Nosuké’s pair, a raccoon named Ringo, is also a night creature like Mochi, and the two get along well, always out on the town when Myra and Nosuké are on a date. Every time Mochi walks off with his tail in the air and a little bounce to his step, Myra falls a little more in love with him. He will always be her best friend.

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S. J. Pajonas