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July and August 2022 Goals

I'm taking some time off from the blog and newsletter, so let's set goals for my summer break!

What happened with June's Goals?

Keep writing Escape from Shin-Osaka, the last book in the Hikoboshi Series. I wanted to hit 40,000 words, but I only hit 30,000 words, and that's okay. I'm writing every weekday, and the story is coming along. That's the best I could have really hoped for this month. June is always busier than I think it's going to be.

Start Japanese self-study for JLPT N5. I didn't study Japanese at all. And I think I'm going to hold off on this till September.

Continue to stay on top of my fitness routine. I am on top of my fitness!! This is going well.

Reading, watching TV, and knitting. I'm continuing to watch TV, read, and knit. All of these things are important to me, and I'm getting them done.

July and August Goals

Keep writing Escape from Shin-Osaka, the last book in the Hikoboshi Series. If I do 5-7k per week, I should be around 50-60k on this book by the time August is over. I may do more than that, but not less. My goal for this book is 80k so it's going to take me a while. I will get it done eventually.

Keep up with Italian on Duolingo. I'm still working on this! I do my Duolingo almost every day. Some days I'm able to do a lot of lessons. Other days, I do the bare minimum. I will keep it up!

Send my oldest child off to Italy! This lucky girl is traveling in Italy with her high school on a tour group. I'm a little worried about her. It will be hot there, and I hope she won't get sick, but you have to let go sometime, right? This is a hard part of parenthood. She'll be gone the first two weeks in July, and then she'll be home again for the rest of the summer.

Host friends and family at the beach house. My parents are coming to the beach house for a short stay and it's possible we'll have other friends and family there too in late July and August. It will be a fun time!

Continue to stay on top of my fitness routine. This is going really well, and I'm in the middle of the summer Power Zone Pack challenge right now. Yay!

I will continue to ignore my sales and not stress over my published books. I am taking a break from advertising for this next quarter, and I will not look at my sales again until the end of September.

Reading, watching TV, and knitting. I will continue to work through all the TV shows I'm interested in, on all the streaming services I have. Reading will also continue both at home and at the beach house. Knitting happens when I watch TV.

That's it for this month! Have a great summer everyone!

S. J. Pajonas