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Book Chat #76 – Books By Rachel Bach, Julia Quinn, and Tracy Krimmer

I have been reading a lot! And right now I have a new book I'm reading, plus I'm listening to the second Bridgerton book in audio. I fully expect to come back from my summer break to the blog and have more books to share with you then.

Honor's Knight and Heaven's Queen by Rachel Bach (ebook)

Since I really enjoyed the first book in this series, I decided to just keep on going and read the next two books in a row. I'm so glad I did. This was a fantastic series! It had everything I love about a good space opera romance. Plenty of aliens and political intrigue and a capable heroine that I could believe in. Looking back on these two books, I couldn't tell you where one started and the other began. Because I read them all right in a row, it was like one long story, which suits me just fine. Each book was well written with its own story arc and conclusions that still managed to keep me wanting more. (No cliffhangers.) There were also plenty of twists and turns and things that I didn't see coming. I love that! I like to be surprised but not so much that it's unbelievable. There was a point where I thought the book wasn't going to be a romance, but ultimately, I assure you, it has a happily ever after. Just keep reading to the end. Highly recommend this whole series!

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (audio)

Since I enjoyed the Netflix show so much, I decided to pick up the audiobook and listen to the first book in the series. It was delightful all on its own. And with the actors in my head, it was fun to imagine them in all the different roles. It was actually better to really hear Daphne's inner thought about her time with Simon and know that she didn't have a lot of malice in her heart for what happened. The narration was really good, too, and it kept me listening on all of my walks with Lulu. I loved it so much, I immediately picked up Book 2 in audio and I'm listening to that now.

The Baker and the Badge by Tracy Krimmer (ebook)

I read all of Tracy's books as she's one of my best friends and I adore her writing. This was a cute and fun book. It had an uplifting story (even though I hated Emma's ex-husband) and a warm hometown feel to it. The romance was sweet and there were no sex scenes (if that's important to you), but I felt the love jump right off the page. The policeman in the story, Aaron, had an interesting side story with his brother too that kept me intrigued and wondering how he was going to handle it. I really enjoyed this one! It was a light read coming off a lot of heavy science fiction. Lol.

And that's it for now! Much more reading to come over my summer break.

S. J. Pajonas