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May 2022 Goals

We're deep into spring now! And I'm enjoying the gorgeous weather with lots of walks and sitting on the deck.

What happened with April's Goals?

Finish all edits of Myra's Big Mistake before vacation. Done! I finished these and sent it off to the anthology editor.

Start writing Escape from Shin-Osaka, the last book in the Hikoboshi Series. Unfortunately, I didn't start this because I came down with covid and then a sinus infection. BUT, I did read the previous book in the series, The Rise of Shiroi Nami, and took notes and got some great ideas to get me started.

Start Japanese self-study for JLPT N5. I started this but then stopped when I was sick. I'll pick it back up again in May.

Keep up with the Power Zone Pack Challenge. Well, I had to drop out of the challenge due to being sick. Such a bummer. I've done every one of them since January 2021. I'm disappointed, but I'm hoping I'll make it through the next one.

Reading and knitting. Now, this is something I have been doing. I have been reading a lot and knitting a lot. Those are two things I can do while sick, and that's what I've done.

May Goals

Start writing Escape from Shin-Osaka, the last book in the Hikoboshi Series. It's happening this month! I'm starting the book today.

Start Japanese self-study for JLPT N5. I'll be working on this a few times per week this month.

Get my fitness back. This is a hard one. I am definitely set back by covid. My heart rate is much higher with the same exercise I used to do. I think I'm going to set my FTP score back by 8 points and ramp up some endurance rides. Gotta get back on that horse and keep going.

Reading, watching TV, and knitting. During my recovery, I realized that I am a much happier person when I stay off social media and I spend my time reading, watching good TV, and knitting. So that's what I'm going to do. Time to concentrate on the stuff that makes me happy.

That's it for this month! Have a great May everyone!

S. J. Pajonas