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April 2022 Goals

Yay! It's April! And that means we are another month closer to summer…

What happened with March's Goals?

Finish writing Myra's Big Mistake. I'm done writing this one and it's in edits now. I plan to be done with it totally in another week so I can go on vacation and not think about it.

Finish updating the paperbacks of the Nogiku Series. These are done! Ingram Spark kept Reunited in their review queue for TWO WEEKS for no reason whatsoever. And then they acted like I was a pain for complaining. No. Do your damned job.

Do my Duolingo Italian and Japanese every day. I did this, but I'm stopping the Japanese because their Japanese lessons are shite. Terrible. I don't think anyone ever proofs them. I'm moving on to studying Japanese on my own.

Do some more long endurance biking until the next Power Zone Pack Challenge starts. I did this. Yes!

Block this shawl I just finished and take photos. This is my favorite part of the knitting process! I need to block the shawl, dry it, and take photos to post on the blog and Instagram.

Reading and knitting. Good news! I did this! I finished the book I was reading, and another book, AND I finished the knit I was working on too! Huzzah!

April Goals

Finish all edits of Myra's Big Mistake before vacation. We are going to Disneyworld soon and I want to finish this book before then.

Start writing Escape from Shin-Osaka, the last book in the Hikoboshi Series. I'm really looking forward to finishing off this series. It will probably take me at least two months to write this book.

Start Japanese self-study for JLPT N5. I have decided to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 5 (JLPT N5) in 2023. Probably late 2023, depending on when the test is proctored around here. I may have to go to Philly to take it. The 2022 test will be in December, and they haven't announced the testing sites yet. I have plenty of time to make this a reality.

Keep up with the Power Zone Pack Challenge. This is a hard one. I'm actually riding ahead in the challenge right now and I'm almost a week ahead of everyone else because we're going on vacation. I think I'll be able to get all the rides in and not let my team down.

Reading and knitting. I'm listening to the new John Scalzi book now, and I plan to read while on vacation. I've started a new knit, a blanket using the yarn I bought for the temperature blanket that I stopped making. So far so good!

That's it for this month! Have a great April everyone!

S. J. Pajonas