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TV Chat #17 – Book of Boba Fett, No Time To Die, Pride and Prejudice, Red Notice, Lost in Space

Once again, a lot of TV around here. I seem to be coming back to my roots of TV and movies to study for good stories and story structure (I was a screenwriter before I was a novelist). There's more TV than this, but I'm currently watching some longer shows, so those will have to come later.


All in all, I'm lukewarm about this show. All of the long flashbacks were kind of annoying, but then I love getting more insight into Star Wars canon. I thought the biker gang chase was really cheesy, but I still love the mods and their way of life. And, of course, I love Fennec and Mando, even if Boba Fett himself is kind of boring.


This might be my favorite of all the recent Bond movies. I get the feeling that the writers and producers finally realized that women watch these movies and that we not only love a romance but we also love competent, kick-ass heroines who are genuine and funny… And not just 007’s object of desire but admiration. I loved Paloma and Madeline and the new 007, Nomi. I wonder what they’ll do with the franchise next. I'm looking forward to it if they keep going in this direction.


I've seen this one before, but I wanted to watch it again, as it's my favorite adaptation of the book (Sorry, Colin). I love everything about this, the costumes, the casting, the locations… All of it. I watched while I was riding the Peloton and it was a good distraction from my legs burning.


Red Notice… it stuck at the top of Netflix for weeks, and I should have checked the IMDB rating first before watching. What a dud. It fell flat in so many respects. My husband and I just kept looking at each other and wondering WHY it had done so well. I don't know if it was TRYING to be campy and missed? I rolled my eyes through most of it, laughed at a few Ryan jokes, and then groaned at the double cross. My 11-year-old loved this one. That says a lot.


Okay, overall, I enjoyed this show. Sometimes the EXTREME PERIL got to me. It seemed like there was never a moment of downtime for these people, and that becomes wearying after a while. I also disliked the background music for all the seasons. It was too dramatic. BUT, the story progression is really good, and I liked watching the kids grow up and take on more responsibility as they aged. They gave a lot of great performances, too. I would watch this again with my own kids… if we ever have time for such a thing!

S. J. Pajonas