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March 2022 Goals

Woo hoo! Spring is almost here! We're getting closer to warm weather every single day…

What happened with February's Goals?

Publish A Fortunate Accident. This is done! And I also published Suri's Sure Thing, which I hadn't been anticipating I would do.

Finish editing the Nogiku Series. Done! All the ebooks have been updated and now I'm working through the paperbacks.

Start writing the next Kimura Sisters novella. I'm over halfway through!

Do my Duolingo Italian and Japanese every day. My streak continues!

Do some long endurance biking. I have been doing 1hr20min or more bike rides twice per week and I'm already seeing a vast improvement in my cardiovascular health. As my cousin explained, cardio fitness is at the bottom of the fitness pyramid. You need a lot of it to be a healthy athlete and prop up everything else. All of my other rides have benefitted from this.

Complete the Peloton Boxing Program. I didn't get to it this month.

Reading, knitting, and crocheting on my temperature blanket. Not a lot of any of this, and I've given up on my temperature blanket.

March Goals

Finish writing Myra's Big Mistake. I feel like I can get this done by mid-March. At that point, I plan to let it sit for a week, make some edits, and then move onto copy edits. I'd like to be done with this novella by the beginning of April.

Finish updating the paperbacks of the Nogiku Series. I have three left to do. I'll get them all done soon.

Do my Duolingo Italian and Japanese every day. I'm glad I made this a part of my usual routine.

Do some more long endurance biking until the next Power Zone Pack Challenge starts. I'm going to keep with the long rides until mid-March when the challenge starts. I will have to ride ahead in the challenge because we're going on vacation in April.

Reading and knitting. The usual! I really want to finish this book I started in JANUARY. FFS. It's taking me forever to read for fun. I read so much of my own work, I just don't want to read anything else at the end of the day.

S. J. Pajonas