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The Nogiku Series Has Been Completely Updated

It's funny how all of these things have landed in the same week in February. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm glad to have several projects ending at once! In this case, the entire Nogiku Series has been updated and uploaded to all of the retailers.

Do you own the old versions and want the new ones?

There are a few options available for you here.

If you purchased on Amazon, use the Amazon website to navigate to Account > Content & Devices. Find the book you want to update, and choose “Deliver or Remove from Device.” You should remove it from your device, then choose “Clear Furthest Page Read” from the More Actions menu. Then re-open“Deliver or Remove from Device” and send it to your device again. You may need to do this more than once to get the new version. I tested it out on my Kindle Paperwhite, and it took two attempts. The new version has 2022 on the copyright page and a new ebook design.

You can contact me with a proof of purchase (a screenshot will do), and I will give you BookFunnel links to download them.

You can also start by downloading Removed and Released from my direct store, since these books are now free. If you continue on with reading the newly updated series after that, and you had purchased the books before, you can still contact me with proof of purchase, and I will hook you up.

What I changed in the new versions…

I ended up changing quite a bit of the structure of these novels for this update. Removed and Released saw the most changes. I moved a lot of chapters around, cut a lot of description, and removed/edited some sexy scenes.

The whole series saw a change from the Japanese honorific suffixes (-san, -chan, etc.) to English titles like Mrs. Ms. Miss, etc.

The overall story did not change.

Haven't started this series yet?

I can't imagine there are many of you out there! But just in case, you can start the whole series with TWO free books! Download Removed to start and then get Released for free as well.

Download Removed Today for Free!

ETA: Sorry, I forgot about this before this post went out. Paperbacks for this series will be available in March. I took the original paperbacks off sale because I need to completely reformat them with different paper and different ISBNs. I also am no longer selling box sets of this series. If you purchased a box set and want new files, please contact me with proof of purchase.

S. J. Pajonas