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TV Chat #16 – Gilmore Girls, Emily in Paris, Get Back, The Expanse, Blown Away Christmas, Foundation

Though I haven't been reading much this year except for my own work (like 600,000 words of my own work), I am watching a lot of TV in my downtime moments. So let's get to the shows I've finished recently!


So I finally finished Gilmore Girls! I watched all of the seasons and then the Netflix special afterward. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this show. Lol. Probably too many. I'm glad they always stuck by their quirky nature and the fast fire dialogue. That was always a bonus of the show. But I'm disappointed that they didn't give Rory her happily ever after. She could have easily gotten everything she wanted out of life WITH Logan. There was no need to choose between the two. I guess this is coming from my romance background where you can choose the love you want and everything else too. I get the feeling the show runners caught some flack from that because they tried to give a happily-ever-after in the Netflix show. Notice how I say “tried.” It was half-ass, for sure. Sigh. Overall, I'm glad I watched this show and I can appreciate the faults.


I loved the second season just as much as the first, I gotta say. It was fabulous. There were lots of laugh out loud moments and things to just love. There was this scene where Emily reads out a letter she wrote in broken French with a voice over, and it was so funny. Especially the response from the friend she wrote the letter to. And once again, I loved Emily's friend, Mindy. She had some of the best lines. I will probably watch this season again soon.


The full title is The Beatles: Get Back, of course. But once you read the words “Get Back” you'll have the song stuck in your head forever and ever, amen. This was a long watch because it's nearly 8 hours long. We watched it over the course of two weeks, turning it on when we didn't have other things to watch. Yes, it was boring in parts, but overall, I enjoyed it. I'm a huge Beatles fan. Laura in FACE TIME is a Beatles fan because I am. :) Watching them compose music and jam and play songs by other artists was a lot of fun. I didn't realize that the dynamic within the groups was so one-sided, though. It's clear that George Harrison got put on the back burner most of the time, and that Ringo Starr was just there. He showed up on time and left on time every day, and then he didn't do much between then. It was interesting to watch.


We finished the last season of The Expanse and I'm sad that it's over. I absolutely loved all of the books and seeing them come alive on the screen was so cool. Overall, I think they did a good job with the book material and making it work for six seasons. I'm a little confused as to why they included material from the STRANGE DOGS novella when they're not going to dive into the meat and potatoes of the Laconia world. But oh well. Hopefully they have a spin-off at some point. I've heard some rumors that might happen.


I have thing thing about reality shows. There are only a few that I like, Project Runway being one of them. So I picked up Blown Away Season 1 at some point during the pandemic and loved it. Blowing glass is really cool. I got to do it once as a teenager and I really wish it was something I could try as an adult (maybe someday). The Holiday/Christmas special was just what I needed. I loved all the projects people made and the winner definitely deserved it. This show is not only fun and interesting but also educational. I highly recommend it.


And finally Foundation, which I finished yesterday. I read all of the Foundation books both as a teen and young adult. Maybe 4 times? So I was wondering how they were going to adapt that story to the screen. First of all, I should note that the first 2 to 3 episodes are slow. We almost gave up on it. We turned it off in the middle of an episode to go to sleep and didn't pick it back up again. But then my husband was traveling so I decided to pick it up where we left off and I'm glad I did. The action and story started to zoom ahead around the 4th episode and then I couldn't stop. I'm really pleased with the amount of women writers and directors I saw in the credits. I'm also really pleased with the diversity of the cast and the gender changes on many of the characters. These books were great but Asimov was never a fan of women. They were merely set props in his books, two-dimensional cardboard cutouts. This was a breath of fresh air. I do want to mention that there is a serious lack of LGBTQ+ characters though. I hope that's fixed in later seasons. All in all, this one is worth sticking with.

S. J. Pajonas