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Sunday Update – January 30, 2022

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

I'm currently in a little bit of a pickle regarding my website and MailPoet, which is a plugin I use to reach all of my lovely subscribers. For 3 weeks, I couldn't access any of my lists. Then they realized it was a bug and fixed that. Now when I look at my lists, they are all jumbled up and people who are not supposed to be in one list are there and listed as Unsubscribed. It's so annoying. I have not sent a Friday newsletter in almost a month now. People who are subscribed to my individual blog posts are receiving emails and that's it. I'm at the end of my rope. I sent more emails to MailPoet on Friday and haven't heard back. I'm hoping it'll be resolved this week. I paid for the damned plugin. I should be able to use it.

In regular life this week, nothing really interesting happened. It's been cold and snowy, and yesterday, we got hit by a blizzard. We got about 6 inches of snow (15 cm), but the storm turned and hit New England a lot harder than it did here. Lulu didn't get any walks yesterday. I plan on walking her today although I'm waiting for it to warm up some. It's only 10ºF outside.

I have good news! A FORTUNATE ACCIDENT IS DONE! I'm sending it off to my proofreaders today and I hope to have it to ARC readers by the end of the week. My tentative date for publication is looking like February 18th. No pre-orders. I will just publish the book when I'm ready. This is my new thing. I am just writing, editing, and publishing. No more beta reads or feedback from my critique partners. They only ever told me they loved the books and never suggested changes, anyway. So I'm on my own except for proofreading! (My beta readers and critique partners still read the books, just later.)

Moving on after this, I will be editing RECLAIMED and REVEALED. Then I will be republishing the whole series, asking Amazon to push the new content to people, and making some changes to the prices. After I'm done with that task, I will be moving on to writing the next Kimura Sisters novella.

It has been 32 days since I last checked my sales. I don't even care to check them anymore. I may glance at them when I upload A FORTUNATE ACCIDENT. I may not. We shall see. I downloaded my 1099s this week so I saw some numbers from other vendors. Nothing that bothered me.

I now go to Whole Foods every Tuesday morning right after it opens. I avoid people this way and get the shopping done first thing.

And I finally figured out why I kept getting white bread of different sizes at Whole Foods. The organic one is smaller! The regular one is bigger. I had no idea I was buying two different breads.

Lulu is cute but she's been a real pain about sleeping lately. She may have to go back to the crate for a little bit. Last night, I only got 3 hours of sleep. She woke me up after an hour and I tried to get my husband to go deal with her. He was too asleep to move (ugh) so I got up and put her back on the couch. Then it took me an hour and a half to go back to sleep, and my body did its usual wake-up thing at 4:30. Then I tossed and turned until 6:30AM when she was woofing outside our door again. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. I woke up today with bloodshot eyes and I'm cranky as hell. I'll be forced to cut my weekend short now and go to bed early tonight.

Sometimes my rides on the Peloton are super sweaty. I sweat through this headband during my 75-min ride and had to text my youngest child to bring me another headband. From now on, I will be bringing two headbands with me to the bike.

A good hair day.

Friday night was martinis and a fire. Lovely.

Have a great week everyone! Stay safe and healthy.

S. J. Pajonas