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January 2022 Goals

Here we are! A new year and new goals abound! Let's get to them!

What happened with December's Goals

Finish Skylar's Book 2. Done! Omg, it was a slog, but I got through it right before Christmas. Thank you, Universe!

Make the audiobook for STOLEN FLYGHT. Done! All the books are done and out there. I'm currently doing a giveaway on them too, if you want to enter.

Edit RELEASED and start editing REUNITED. I did edit RELEASED (Book 2) but I decided that I'll work on both REUNITED and RECLAIMED in January. REVEALED will probably be the beginning of February, and then I'll update them on all the stores right after.

Continue with my courses. No time. And also I'm taking some time off from the business of writing, so I'm just going to hold onto these for later.

Reading and knitting. I read and knit a little.

January Goals

Start first pass edits Skylar's Book 2. I only have a few story elements I need to fix and a few things to iron out and then I can start on copy edits.

Start Kimura Sisters Book 2 for Pets in Space 7. I actually already have started on this book! But it was back when I thought about writing about this sister for Pets in Space 6. I just need to make a few adjustments to the storyline and I'm off and running.

Edit REUNITED and RECLAIMED. The editing of the Nogiku Series is going well! And I remember that by the time I got around to writing these two books in the series, I was much better about act structure, so I think I'll be able to edit these faster.

Schedule my promotions for my books through the end of March. I have half of these done. I will finish these up this weekend.

Do my Duolingo Italian and Japanese every day. I am planning on establishing the habit of doing my language work every morning with my tea. Usually, I spend that time on Facebook. Let's see if I can keep this up.

Start the Winter Power Zone Pack Challenge and keep up with the rides. You saw all of my fitness goals? This includes these challenges and Mon, Jan 3rd is my first ride.

Close on the beach house. We close on January 7th. I think we have to drive to the attorney's office to close but that's not too far away. Hopefully we can get this done and not get covid. Once the house is ours, we can go whenever! We're thinking about heading down for the MLK weekend/my birthday.

Reading, knitting, and crocheting on my temperature blanket. The usual. The blanket needs to be worked on one-row-per-day.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas