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What My Days Look Like

Yesterday, on Instagram, I shared to my Stories pictures of what my typical day looks like, so I thought I'd share them here too. Except you get an explanation of everything that happened, instead of just pictures. As you can see below, being an author is more like just being a normal human being with lots of family stuff thrown in. Let's get to the photos!

Weekdays, my alarm goes off at 6:28am. I need to be up to get the kids up for school, help with their breakfasts and lunches, and make sure they're out the door on time. Lulu now sleeps on the couch at night, so I come out to give her belly rubs before I let her out.

I then empty the dishwasher right away. I made a habit of doing this in the summer, and it's good to have it out of the way for the rest of the day.

Then comes some tea time and then work time before we go out on our walk. Long walks with Lulu happen Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. She gets shorter walks on the other days plus doggy daycare where they walk her too.

The neighborhood was pretty and the weather was warm!

After a long walk, I come home, do core work, weights, and stretch.

Gotta finish cleaning up the kitchen!

Then shower and get dressed.

Get some work done.

Eat my first meal of the day.

Get some more work done with Lulu by my side.

Time for an afternoon walk.

The afternoon stretch is where I get the most work done, and I still have time to be with Lulu.

Dinner and sumo!! Or dinner with some TV. My husband and I do this every night. The kids eat on their own with dinner or while doing homework.

My daughter had softball try-outs, so we were off to the field for those.

Then it was back home to the couch for some relaxing, reading, and TV. Lulu finally settled into her spot late.

Bedtime! I think I fell asleep around 10:45pm.

And that's what my Thursdays look like! I hope to do this again next month, and I'll choose a Monday or Wednesday instead since those days look different than Tuesdays or Thursdays.

S. J. Pajonas