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The Astrology of SURI’S SURE THING

I'm back with more astrology on my characters! This time, though, we'll be talking about Suri and Erik from SURI'S SURE THING. If you haven't already purchased PETS IN SPACE 6, I would love it if you clicked on the button at the bottom of this post and pre-order it today. 10% of pre-orders and the first month's worth of sales goes to, so we want to give that charity as much money as possible. Thank you!

Honestly, I wrote this whole book based on instinct and knowing only the Sun Signs of my two characters. Now that I've dived deeper into their personalities, the Moon and Rising Signs for both of them make a lot of sense! Funny how that happens. ;)

Suri Kimura

Suri Kimura is a Taurus, and I'm sure that will come as no big surprise to most of you who read this novella. She is quiet and affectionate, especially to her sisters who she adores. She's very determined and it shows in her work for the Interstellar Agency. She's one of the best Quality Assurance Specialists they have and everyone acknowledges it. She is stubborn and resistant to change though which is why she's still living at home in her late 20s. She wants to be sure she has enough money stashed away before making the big leap to having her own place, but it's taking FOREVER to get to this goal. She's too stubborn to give it up though. Suri's soft and gentle side comes out when she's spending time with either Finn, her dog, or Erik, her best friend.

When it comes to love, Suri is devoted and protective. She would do anything for the person she's committed to. This is what got her in trouble with her ex-boyfriend, Leo. He took advantage of her loyalty by playing with her feelings. But once they had broken up, she was done done done with him. No matter how easily he shows back up in her life.

Suri's Moon is in Pisces, and this gives her an even more compassionate and creative mood. This sign gives Suri deep feelings and an understanding of human nature. It also helps her keep her feelings for Erik, her best friend, well hidden. The Moon in Pisces also makes her indecisive (Hello! Still living at home in her late 20s!) and secretive (what secret is she keeping?).

But Suri's Rising Sign is in Virgo which indicates a rational outlook. Rising-Virgos care a great deal about others, and Suri has this in spades. She cares for her sisters immensely, so much that she gave up almost everything she had for one of them. Work is important to Rising-Virgo's, and Suri believes that hard work brings good rewards. She's not wrong.

Erik Costa

When Suri thinks about a kind and compassionate person, she thinks of Erik, and that's why his Sun Sign is Pisces. Erik is subtle and intuitive, and he's influenced by the people around him. When Suri is with him, he's more grounded and better able to relax. Erik is receptive and romantic, preferring to wait for the grand gesture rather than the small whisper of love. He's also adaptable which makes him great for his job at the Interstellar Agency as an overworked project manager.

In love, Erik the Pisces has only ever been in love with one woman and he hasn't ever wavered. He's tender and loving and wants to take care of whomever he's with. Once he commits, that's it. He's ready to make Suri's dreams come true.

Erik's Moon is in Capricorn and this softens all the Pisces wateriness and grounds him even more. With his Moon in Capricorn, Erik is eager to learn and he's determined and disciplined enough to get it done. He's always reading and enjoying time spent with books and literature. It does turn him into a single-minded robot sometimes, but the Pisces Sun Sign keeps him from obsessing.

And just when you thought Erik couldn't get more grounded, his Rising Sign is also in Capricorn. All of this Earth is perfect for Suri, who also wants stability in her life. Rising-Capricorns are reliable and dependable, the perfect companion for someone very practical. It isn't always easy for Rising-Capricorns to express their feelings though. This overrides Erik's Sun-Pisces until he's sure that Suri is into him. A tough battle of wills!

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S. J. Pajonas