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Sunday Update – September 5, 2021

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.


My youngest was sick the previous week with a cold that lasted for almost 10 days. Then my husband caught the same cold and he was sick all week.

Then Wednesday got crazy. I took my oldest daughter into my hair and spa place to get her a facial. She struggles with acne so I thought this would be good before school. But it ran a little long and I had an appointment after way out at the Apple Store at the mall. My AirPod Pros have been acting up and crackling for months, and I needed to finally take care of it. I had to rush my daughter home then rush out to the mall to make it to my appointment on time. As usual, Apple is awesome and replaced my AirPods free of charge. It was raining and awful when I got out and I couldn’t find my car in the vast parking lot. Always fun.

Then the rain really started as the remnants of Hurricane Ida blew through. People, I have not seen that kind of rain in a long time. It was Hurricane Sandy levels of rain, and we just had Hurricane Henri blow through like 2 weeks ago. Our basement was dry until after dinner when the rain just started seeping in through every seam of the foundation. We tried to abate it. But eventually we just let the river flow through the basement and out the garage door. Thankfully the floor is pitched to send water out of the house via the garage. We just had to set things up so that it would miss important things like the washer, dryer, and Peloton.

Thursday, I spent the whole morning cleaning up the mess. The dehumidifier has been running down there for days and it’s mostly dry now. My husband was wrecked from all the clean up work and not feeling well, and he went to bed at 6pm (no dinner) and slept 13 hours.

Friday wasn’t any better. Lulu wasn’t feeling well again. She hadn’t eaten in over a day and something was up with her ear or face because she was always itching it. My husband brought her into the vet because I was too busy with other stuff. She had a double eye infection, and we needed to change her food because it was causing an allergic reaction. Yay. Now she needs eye ointment every day and new food and pills like 4 times per day. Poor thing. But she's already improving.

We also got a notice that our town water was contaminated and we need to figure out what should be done about that.

On a positive note, I did get my hair cut. That was nice.

I have no work news to report. I was going to start writing a new book this week but with everything that happened? No. I’m just lucky to be here. I did manage to get the paperback for LOST FLYGHT loaded up to Ingram Spark. Now I'm waiting on them to approve it. I hope to start writing Amagi Book 2 this coming week, but with the kids going back to school it’s bound to be rough.

It's been a crappy pandemic year BUT my husband's garden has been out of control awesome with lots of tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers.

National Gray Hair Day was this week, so I posted in honor of it.

When my husband was in bed for the evening, I knit and watched Amazon Ad School videos with some Truly.

Lulu loves to cuddle.

I treated myself to an all Leanne Hainsby day on Monday on Peloton. She's my favorite non-Power Zone instructor so I take her classes in between Power Zone Pack Challenges.

There's been a ton of construction noise around here as the next street over gets ripped up.

I took the kids to the pool all day on Tuesday and Lulu missed me. She snuggled right in close as soon as I got home.

Working on the LOST FLYGHT paperback cover.

My trip to Whole Foods on Friday was a bit stark. They lost power during the Ida rainstorm and had to trash so much food.

A well-deserved Friday martini.

I made a Reel about our basement flooding.

This Reel did really well! With a peek at the world of AN UNEXPECTED DEBT.

Check out this Reel with an excerpt from AN UNFORGIVING DESERT.

When I lost my car in the parking lot. Sigh. I hate when that happens.

And finally, hair cut, before and after!

Have a great week everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

S. J. Pajonas