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September 2021 Goals

Oh my God, where did this year go? HOW IS IT ALREADY SEPTEMBER?! I don't even know…

What happened with August's Goals

Finish AN UNEXPECTED DEBT. Done and off to first readers. I've already gotten feedback from 2 of my 3 readers! I'll be ready to start on final revisions and copy edits in late September.

Start Skylar's second novel. I did not start this yet because there's so much going on. But I have written down ideas.

Finish the audiobook for LOST FLYGHT. Done.

Promote the SUMMON THE STARS anthology. I haven't done much promoting on this because Amazon just took FOREVER to put the book up for sale… like, WEEKS. Ugh. Expect to see more about it in the coming weeks.

Get the Hikoboshi paperbacks up and for sale. Didn't do this.

Go on vacation! We had a blast!

Finish the Summer Power Zone Pack Challenge. Done! And now I'm doing whatever rides I want to do.

Continue with fasting. The usual. And I have increased my fasting time 3-4 days per week.

Reading and knitting. I did not knit enough but I have been reading.

September Goals

Start Skylar's second novel. I'll get started on this this week.

Start the audiobook for SILENT FLYGHT. I'm now on track to work on this audiobook over September and October.

Promote the SUMMON THE STARS anthology. You're going to be hearing a lot about this starting this week!

Get the Hikoboshi paperbacks up and for sale. I'll get Books 1-4 up this month.

Start reading my books on IGTV. I will be reading Crash Land on Kurai on IGTV. My goal is to read 2-3 chapters per session, and I'll be writing down a few things I want to discuss while reading too.

Make more Reels for Instagram. I love making Reels! I plan to make at least 4-5 per week in September.

Go back to school! Kind of… This month I plan to go through both the Amazon Ad School and my Instagram Marketing course. I plan to use both to increase my audience and my sales.

Kids back to school! Yep, they are going back to in-person school. It'll be a change, again, but I think they're ready. I can only hope that the younger kids can get vaccinated soon.

Start the Fall Power Zone Pack Challenge. This doesn't start until Sept 27th.

Continue with fasting. The usual.

Reading and knitting. The usual here. Get in a few rows per week, and read a few books.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas