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An Exclusive SURI’S SURE THING Excerpt from PETS IN SPACE 6!

Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from my upcoming novella in a new series, SURI'S SURE THING. If you missed the previous announcements, this novella will be in the upcoming PETS IN SPACE 6 anthology, and it's the beginning of the Kimura Sisters Series! You can learn more about it in this PETS IN SPACE 6 post.

I decided to choose this particular excerpt to showcase today because it's the return of Suri's ex-boyfriend to the scene. He comes almost out of nowhere, and she hasn't seen him in two years. He hasn't called, hasn't written. Nothing. So seeing him again is a bit of a shock. But Finn, Suri's dog, is pretty happy to see him… for now.

The front door swings open, and my mother smiles… kind of. Her face is tight, and her teeth are showing, but her eyes are not backing up this smile.

“Suri, darling! How was your flight home? Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeaahhhh,” I say, drawing out the word and eyeing her warily. “What’s going on?” I widen my eyes to let her know I can read her.

She titters a nervous little laugh that unnerves me even more. The dogs push past her into the front vestibule, barking and jumping — cats hiss and scramble for cover.

And then a laugh echoes in from the house.

My blood runs cold, and my vision tunnels.

“Suri, darling, come inside.” Mom reaches out for me, but I turn to look at Erik. His face is pinched as he stares into the house.

Finn comes barreling towards me. “Suri Suri Suri, come come come. He’s back! Oh oh oh oh…”

Erik takes my arm. “Maybe we should go out to dinner.”

“Suri!” My father’s booming voice precedes him into the vestibule. “There you are! I was beginning to think you got lost.”

He steps to the side, and my heart races with anxiety, fear, and shock.

Leo, my ex-boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in two years, is standing behind him.

“Hey, Suri,” he says, stepping forward. He looks different. His face is thinner, and his hair is shorter, close-cropped. But his voice is the same buttery softness it always was. He leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I am too stunned to move. He pulls away and sees Erik.

“Erik! Hey, man, it’s good to see you.” Leo sticks out his hand, and it takes Erik a full beat to grasp it and lean in for the manly one-arm hug.

“Leo, wow. I had no idea you were back in town.”

“He’s been in town before?” I whisper to Erik. He doesn’t answer, and for a good reason. I was a hysterical mess when Leo broke things off with me and moved away. I’ve known they remained distant friends, but I ignore this information.

Now, it’s staring me in the face.

Oops. Maybe Suri should get her head out of the sand more often, yeah? She's in for a shock at dinner time, for sure. Where is Suri's “sure thing” when she needs him?

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S. J. Pajonas