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August 2021 Goals

Still have another month of summer!! Yay!

What happened with July's Goals

Finish Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. I finished my first draft! And I'm already revising and making my changes

Start Skylar's second novel. I am very far behind. This is not going to happen until late August.

Make an audiobook for LOST FLYGHT. I'm behind on this too. I'm only 8 chapters in.

Work on the anthology. This is ready to go and I will post about it soon. We've been waiting on pre-order links from Amazon, and they are SLOW for some reason.

Get some of my paperbacks up and for sale. I did do some of this! As of now, FIRST FLYGHT, BROKEN FLYGHT, and HIGH FLYGHT are all up for sale. I'll be working on the Hikoboshi Series next since I plan on doing the rest of the Flyght Series as I complete each audiobook.

Go on vacation! We did go on vacation and it was great! So glad it all worked out because it looked dicey there for a bit with a hurricane blowing through.

Start the Summer Power Zone Pack Challenge. I'm in the midst of this now!

Continue with fasting. This is still going well.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I have been reading and knitting. I have totally fallen off the audiobook wagon. I hope to get back on in the winter.

Snuggle more with Lulu. I love my dog. We snuggled. We snuggled hard.

August Goals

Finish AN UNEXPECTED DEBT. I want to finish revisions on Skylar's novel and send it off to my first readers.

Start Skylar's second novel. I will go straight from Book 1 to Book 2 to keep the momentum going.

Finish the audiobook for LOST FLYGHT. I'll finish this this month.

Promote the SUMMON THE STARS anthology. We'll learn more about the stories in this anthology both here and on the SUMMON THE STARS website.

Get the Hikoboshi paperbacks up and for sale. I'll work on this series next.

Go on vacation! Another vacation! We're going to the shore with family. It should be a rocking good time.

Finish the Summer Power Zone Pack Challenge. This ends the last week of August.

Continue with fasting. The usual.

Reading and knitting. The usual here. Get in a few rows per week, and read a few books.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas