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July 2021 Goals

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER!! I am my happiest in summer. Yay for July!

What happened with June's Goals

Finish editing my Pets in Space novella and send it off. Done! I got this out to the anthology editor early in the month. And it felt great to have it off my plate of things to do.

Finish Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. I am unfortunately not finished, BUT I have made significant progress.

Finish the audiobooks for HIGH FLYGHT and LOST FLYGHT. Done! They should be live in the store tomorrow.

Build my anthology website. This is 90% done! You can check it out here at

Continue on with SFR Station. Done, and now we're off for the summer!

Keep up with the Spring Power Zone Pack Challenge. Done! And I took my FTP test again and I gained 11 points!

Continue with fasting. Keeping on…

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. No audiobooks this past month. Lots of podcasts, reading on my kindle, and plenty of knitting at softball games.

Snuggle more with Lulu. A snuggled with Lulu whenever she allowed me to. Lol. Dogs.

July Goals

Finish Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. It's definitely happening this month.

Start Skylar's second novel. I have decided that I'll go straight from Book 1 to Book 2 to keep the momentum going.

Make an audiobook for LOST FLYGHT. It's my intention to make a book a month from here on out. Once I'm done with the Flyght Series, I'll move on to the Nogiku Series.

Work on the anthology. My anthology partner and I have plenty of work to do on editing the stories and then preparing them for pre-order.

Get some of my paperbacks up and for sale. Now that I'm able to buy ISBNs and pay the fees, I'll be making paperbacks of the Flyght Series first and uploading them to Ingram Spark for wide distribution.

Go on vacation! That deserves an exclamation point. We are going on our first vacation in over a year, to see my parents in South Carolina. I'm so excited and ready to fly again. I miss my parents so much. I haven't seen my dad in two years and my mother in 18 months. It'll be good to get away, even though it'll be blazing hot in the South.

Start the Summer Power Zone Pack Challenge. Yes! Another challenge! I'm ready!!

Continue with fasting. The usual.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Maybe I can pick up an audiobook for my trip? Either way, I plan to read and knit while away.

Snuggle more with Lulu. I will miss Lulu while we're away. She'll be boarding with her buddies at daycare. So I will snuggle her hard when we return.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas