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May 2021 Goals

April has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Time to move on to May!

What happened with April's Goals

Publish THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI. Done! So glad to have this book out there and to see this series going strong now. Woo!

Promote CRASH LAND ON KURAI as free. Done! All of the April ads I booked have run and now I'm seeing sell through to the rest of the series.

Write my anthology novella. This is really coming along. Once I had the story figured out, it started to pick up pace. I didn't finish it but I will soon.

Start Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. Didn't happen but will soon.

Build my anthology website. Didn't happen but we are delaying the anthology by a month anyway, so it's fine.

Continue on with SFR Station. Kept up with everything here.

Complete Pelofondo 50 miles. Done! I rode a little over 50 miles for the challenge! I was super beat by the end and I needed a whole week after to feel normal again. But I did it!

Start the Spring Power Zone Pack Challenge. The challenge is under way and we're having a great time!

Continue with fasting. I tried a two-day fast this month and I freaked out about not eating for more than a full day. I don't think that's for me. So I'm going to continue with my Intermittent Fasting and Time-Restricted Eating Windows, which are more my speed.

Finish my Plumpy Shawl. Done! And I love it!

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Reading and knitting have been good this month. I'm taking a short break from audiobooks to catch up on podcasts instead.

May Goals

Finish my Pets in Space novella. I should be done with this within a week! Yay! And then I'll send it off to a few first readers to see what they think.

Start Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. Okay, this is going to happen this month. I'd like to get at least the first third to half written before the end of the month.

Finish the audiobook for FIRST FLYGHT! Surprise! This wasn't on the goals for April and kind of came out of nowhere, but I have 6 chapters done so far and I will definitely be finishing it in May. I am doing an AI-generated audiobook using Amazon's Polly (from their AWS suite of tools) to make these audiobooks, and I will be selling them direct. They are a low cost solution to human narration, and I will be passing those savings onto readers and pricing them accordingly. So far, so good. The Amazon voice I have chosen is pretty easy to listen to! I'll post more about this and post samples too in the coming weeks.

Build my anthology website. I think I'll be able to do this this month.

Continue on with SFR Station. The usual needs doing here.

Keep up with the Spring Power Zone Pack Challenge. Just keep riding, Steph.

Continue with fasting. This month I will concentrate on clean fasting and doing One Meal A Day (OMAD) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I need to continue my commitment to read every single day this year. Audiobooks for walks and knitting every weekend. I have a new knitting project and it's easy and mindless. YAY!

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas