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Plumpy Shawl – Knitting FO

I started this project last summer during the lull of the pandemic. At that point, I just needed something interesting and surprising to keep me going, and I thought, “HEY. I have never knit brioche before. Maybe I should do that?”

Oh, Stephanie. You sweet summer child. Why did you think something complicated was the best idea to take on during a pandemic? I'm not sure now what came over me. But since I'm a serial monogamist when it comes to knitting, I couldn't just set this aside and move onto something else. I had to finish it, come hell or high water.

And for about 70% of the knit, everything went okay. I got the hang of the brioche pretty quickly. The pattern itself alternates between brioche and garter stitch, so I got periods of rest between the harder bits. I only made a few errors until the very last section… when I made several in a row and couldn't figure out how to fix them. It started to become incredibly frustrating, and I just wanted it over with. Then I ran out of yarn in the last section! Ugh. I subbed in some of the contrasting color and did the best I could. Then when I blocked it, I found a dropped stitch WAY back in the first half of the knit. ARGH! I had to do some creative weaving and fix that too.

Let me tell you. I think I need to concentrate on simple knits from here on out. Garter or stockinette, a few colors, some stripes, some basic shaping, and that's it, folks. I run 5 businesses (this name, my pen name, SFR Station, my web development business, and an anthology) and it's too much to expect brain power at the end of the day. I need MINDLESS KNITTING. This Plumpy Shawl? Not so mindless. I should have known better, and I certainly do now.

I loved knitting with this yarn, though! How could I not? It's La Bien Aimee, from my good pal, Aimee in France. The yarn was squishy and pretty and just delightful. I will definitely order from her again.

All the details about yarn and needles and more images are all on Ravelry.

View Plumpy Shawl on Ravelry

I've already cast on for my next knit and I feel confident that I'll be able to handle this one. :)

S. J. Pajonas