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April 2021 Goals

Where did March go? I have no idea. It literally FLEW by. So, here we go April!

What happened with March's Goals

Reveal cover and pre-order for THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI. Done! All set up!

Finish off final edits of THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI and prep for publication. Also, done! Final files have been uploaded to stores that have pre-orders going.

Setup promos for a free run of CRASH LAND ON KURAI. Mostly done. Some places don't take promos until you're within 30 days. So I'm going to set those up now. But CRASH LAND ON KURAI is free most places!

Continue to write my anthology novella. I did not get as much done of this that I wanted to. And then I decided to take the novella in a different direction.

Brainstorm my first Skylar novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. No brainstorming because I was working on the novella.

Finish my freelance build. This is done! I just have a few plugins to install, a few tutorials to make, and then bill my client.

Build my anthology website. This did not happen. Too much going on.

Continue on with SFR Station. Did this.

Figure out what I should do with my pen name. I've decided to just leave the website as-is and just let the pen name gather newsletter subscribers as it does, very infrequently. I'll decide what to do with it all in 2022.

Finish the Power Zone Pack Challenge and move onto my own strength calendar. Done! I am riding and doing strength on my own.

Continue with fasting. Going good! I am doing 18:6 or 19:5 most days, and on Tuesday, I did OMAD (One Meal A Day) for the first time, which equates to 20:4. I will do extended fasts in April.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Did all of this and I'm almost done with my knit!

April Goals

Publish THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI. I haven't published a book in over a year. I don't know what I'm going to do with this launch except to put a post on the blog and social media. That'll probably be it. I don't give my money (or data) to Facebook anymore so I won't be boosting posts there or doing ads.

Promote CRASH LAND ON KURAI as free. I plan to post this in some FB groups, on the blog, and maybe get it into a Bookfunnel promo, and that's about it. I might leave the book at free too. We'll see.

Write my anthology novella. I want to write and finish this book.

Start Skylar's novel, the beginning of the Amagi Series. It's my intention to have this book started before the end of the month.

Build my anthology website. This needs to happen this month.

Continue on with SFR Station. The usual needs doing here.

Complete Pelofondo 50 miles. I will be riding 50 miles on April 17-18th. I've never done a long-distance event like this. I hope I can get it done!

Start the Spring Power Zone Pack Challenge. The new challenge starts on the 19th! Looking forward to it.

Continue with fasting. This month I'd like to try some two-day fasts to help jumpstart some more weight loss.

Finish my Plumpy Shawl. I'm in the home stretch with this! Almost done!

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I need to continue my commitment to read every single day this year. Audiobooks for walks and knitting every weekend.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas